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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Wedding Weekend - Fri. night

    As you would imagine, I have LOTS of things to tell you about from this past weekend. After all, our out of state kids were in town. And Brent and Kayla got married. A-n-d Sunday afternoon we held a get together for family members, so they could visit with our out of state kids. But of course, that's not all that happened. But you knew that would be the case, didn't you? Mercy.
    So, instead of trying to tell you about everything in one posting, who's length would rival War and Peace, I'm breaking it all down into various postings.
    The out of state kids arrived Friday afternoon. I LOVE the fact that 2 year old Analyse totally knows who we are and is excited to see us when they get here!!! Us and "BOO!!!" ;-p.
    We had lunch and then tried putting Analyse down for her nap. That was a total no-go.
    After lunch, the guys had ran out to the mall to do some account switching around with everyone's cell phones. Brian, Brandon and I had been on Byron and Cyndi's plan. Benson had been on Brent and Kayla's. It is now set up so that there are three plans, and everybody living in a house, is on that houses plan. And since we most often always go through the same manager/sales rep. - he turned things over with out extra charges for doing so. Nice!
    Early Fri. evening, all of us, along with Kayla, her mom and sister, met up at the church to decorate it. That went really smoothly. Thanks Karen Bur. and Jewels for loaning us "stuff"! Oh, and those items that I had mentioned picking up at the Goodwill store - they worked fantastically!!! (Thanks Lord!)  No, I'm not showing you pictures yet. We're waiting to give a disk of the pictures (Benson was their photographer) to Brent and Kayla, before we post any of them anywhere.
    The 'plan' became that we were all going out to a specific pizza place, once the church was done. But then... and then ... and then Ms. Analyse was showing definite signs that due to having not had a nap, she wouldn't be up to much for very long. So I stated that as long as they called and had a small pizza delivered to our house, I would stay at home with Analyse and Elliot, and let all of them go really enjoy their time together. It ended up that it was Brian and all of our 'kids' at the restaurant. He said that was rather nice. ;->
    With Analyse watching Elmo(R) while sitting in her highchair eating her pizza, and me eating pizza and feeding Elliot his bottle, and Boo hoping somebody would drop something,  things progressed rather smoothly. That is, until the Elmo(R) DVD was done, and I was washing Analyse off and getting ready to put her in her pajamas. That's when I spotted it. Flying mad circles around our kitchen. I called Brian. "Please come home NOW!!! There's a bat flying around in the kitchen. small shriek. Now it's zooming back and forth through the main floor!!! HURRY!!!"
     He told me to take everybody upstairs and wait in a bedroom. Sounded good. But by this time, Ms. Analyse was watching me like she was trying to decide whether she should continue to be intrigued by this thing zooming back and forth and dipping here and there, or whether she should panic. After all, Grandma didn't sound any too happy...
     I took a big breath, said a prayer (or twenty, on top of one another) and decided that if a 2 year old could stay calm, so could I. (But I did keep praying! o;-p)
     Boo had growled, super deep down inside type of a growl. But then he had moved so he was sitting right up pressing on to my leg. I had taken hold of his collar. Did NOT want him jumping up and catching that thing, and getting bit...
    Thankfully, I had washed Analyse up, but not yet gotten her out of her chair. And Elliot was asleep in his seat. I put a blanket over the top of Elliot, very firmly told Boo to stay! and while telling Analyse just a minute, I went and propped the front screen door open.
     I never did see the bat again. My prayer is, that while I was looking else where, he did swoop out that open front door. I didn't see him, but I left the front door open for about ten minutes just in case...
     As I was in the midst of getting Analyse into her sleeper, growling low, Boo darted towards the front door. My eyes are scanning the air for the bat, as I'm instructing him to stay inside. He did stay, just barely inside the front door. When I got to it, I spotted a very anxious lady trying to hurry her two small dogs up the street. I felt so bad! I called out an apology and said that I had the door open, hoping the bat in our house would fly out of it. She didn't respond. I'm pretty sure she thought I was kook-koo - the front door propped open with moths buzzing about, a big dog growling scarily, and the shrill voice of a young child yelling "Boo STAY!!!" I shrugged, knowing she was probably right. o;-p
     I got Ms. Analyse down with out any incident and Brian finally arrived home. I didn't say anything about how long it seemed to have taken him. Later, totally of his own accord, he started telling me how he had instantly slid his debit card to Brent and headed out, only to run into construction - every single route he tried to take! You could not simply drive home from Plainfield and Four Mile. Mercy! Figures.
    We had settled into couches in the living room. Relaxed. Talking everything about the weekend, etc. over, when suddenly we heard Analyse putting up a ruckus.
     My first thought was that the bat was in her room. Then my mind reassured me that her door had been shut until I opened it to put her in there. When I got to her, she was sweating something fierce. The sleeper had been too warm for that room that night. So I changed her to a large T-shirt. But by then she had had an hour and a half nap, and was rearing to go. And then Elliot too woke up and decided it was time for his evening fussy spell. And then our adult kids arrived home. Byron and Cyndi to find both of their kids wide awake. What could I say? (insert eye roll here).
     Fin-a-lly everybody went down for the night. Whew! 


  1. OhMYgoodness.... I would have totally FREAKED... You did good to stay calm and pray... That is stuff sitcoms are made of...

  2. wow.. bat.. that is not something that happens everyday.. glad you came out ok :-) sounds like such a fun weekend!


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