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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

We keep catchin' them

    HEADS UP - This posting is not for the squeamish.

   Back in THIS posting, I had mentioned how workmen had been working on the inside of our neighbors house all of that week. I also mentioned that they seemed to now be starting work on the outside of the place.
   In THIS posting, I had made these comments, "During all of the work over there, the workers put new siding on the garage. We think that might be where all of our mice came from. A couple of weeks ago they had had the garage roofed. Now it's sided"
    And in THIS posting, I had said, "One afternoon about two weeks ago, Benson and I were sitting in the living room watching something, when we spotted something shoot past under one living room window, and disappear behind the old radio. All my vertigo eyes saw, was a gray blur. Benson's eyes saw that it was a mouse. "Oh Great!" Been there, had those before. Thankfully, not very often in this house, but extremely frequently in one of our previous homes."
    I had then gone on to tell about our challenge in finding the type of mouse raps we prefer, as well as baiting tips.
    W-e-l-l, the traps worked! We just couldn't believe how many we caught and how fast. Eighteen  in that first week, with only having two traps constantly set, emptied, and reset! Goodness!
     Our deductions of the situation came up with this probable scenario. First, the one set of workers had stripped off and then re-roofed the neighbors garage. Then it started raining. Like crazy! Day, after day, after day. Then the second set of workers started siding that garage. During all of the pounding on the garage, the mice whom had previously taken up occupancy in the garage, had decided to exit stage left. But they exited into rain. And mice are NOT fans of rain. And seeings how the neighbors garage is located in closer proximity to our house than our garage is, they searched for and found a way into our house. ALL of them moved in, totally ignoring the party invitation we had posted HERE. (insert eye roll here).
    So like I said, we caught eighteen (18) mice in that first week alone. One catch actually being a "two for one deal". We caught two (2) mice at the same time, thus only costing us one (1) chocolate chip. ;-p

             (Hey, I could have shown you much clearer pictures of them! o;-p)

    Since then, we have caught about another half dozen mice. We are going to go seach the exterior of our house (possibly with a microscope) and see if we can find the trail of where and how they are getting in!!!  Once we do, we shall fill the spot with steel wool. See, critters can't chew their way through steel wool, due to what it does to the inside of their mouths.

    One more thing, do you remember how I told you to load the traps with chocolate chips, and how very seldom they are able to eat all of it, without the trap going off? Well, "Murphy" saw that I had written that and made sure the mice proved me wrong. However, it's been so muggy here lately, that the chocolate chips squish in to the traps when I try to put them in, and the mice don't seem as cape able of getting away with stealing my chocolate chips unharmed. ;-D

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