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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Progress made:

    One of our sons and our daughter-in-love-to-be are getting married this weekend. Did you catch that? Their wedding is THIS weekend!!

   So, here's a report on progress made:

~ Wedding Dress - alterations / back redesign was completed and sent to the cleaners last Wed. afternoon.
    That included taking trim from here, (which involved removing do-dads which had been attached using both white thread and fishing line(?) - ever so hard to see - and Ms. Vertigo here was the one doing so. You don't need to insert an eye roll here, mine still are. ;-p!) ) to make a panel to insert there. And then resewing on most of the removed do-dads (NO fishing line was wasted (aka: used) in that process!!!). And making and sewing on the loops for the lacing up the back to go through. And sewing little beads and pearls across the top of the new panel, as well as to the little loops, so that the finished redesign looks like it/they belonged in with the rest of the dress from the beginning.
    But the dress is 99.9% done - just have to move the strap buttons - but they are inside the bodice and an easy thing to do. 
    Yes, of course I 'plan' on doing a posting showing you before and after pictures of the back of the dress. ;->
~ Bridal Bouquet, boutonnieres, courageous - DONE! And two days later, I figured out why I didn't remember the ones I made for Byron and Cyndi's Michigan reception being this hard. I had made them using a different methodology. (if your eyes aren't rolling, you may do so now). But I got them done, and only burned one finger so bad with the hot glue, that I ended up having to go to a neighbors and have her pop it for me, seeings how it was still boiling under the skin, and the blister was GROWING..... 
    Yes, of course I 'plan' on doing a posting showing you the flower things I did up. ;->

~ Yesterday I 'found' the living room. No, I will NOT be showing you before and after pictures of that. Mercy.

~ Half of the guys have tried on their tux's - only one pair of pants needs hemmed so far. Brent and Adam are suppose to be here tomorrow night to try theirs on. And Byron will be here on Friday.

   [Did you catch that - our 'out of state kids' will be here on Friday! :-> ! :-) ! :-D ! And honest - I AM TOO looking forward to seeing Byron and Cyndi - not JUST Analyse and Elliot ... o:-> ]

~ I pulled 95% of the tall thick weeds ( a lot of them were golden rod plants) out of the back yard. The majority of them, by their roots! :-).  First off, I am highly allergic to golden rod once it blooms. Secondly, a lot of them were just shy of knee high - that would have made running about the back yard challenging for Ms. Analyse! And thirdly, yes, there were a LOT. In the mid hundreds. Honest. So I've been doing some of my physical therapy, sitting on a small step stool, early in the morning while the dew is still on the plants, pulling the darn things.

~ The Cake - I plan on baking that up today.

~ Decorating the church. That's on our schedule for Fri. afternoon. Last Sunday God provided something wonderful to use - maybe on the table the unity candle will be sitting on. Definitely on the food table for the reception we will be hosting in a few weeks. Picked them up at a Goodwill store...
     Yes, of course I 'plan' on doing postings about both of those things. ;->

   Last nights storm did quite a number on my head. Goodness! I had hoped to 'find' another part of our house today, besides baking the cake.... we'll see ... but for now, I had best get off of here and go start on the cake.

    What have you been making progress on?

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  1. had come from Cheryl's dad via email - "Getting all our grass cut!! (you asked)"


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