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Friday, August 26, 2011

Now THAT's a compliment!! ;->

      Do you remember how on  Wednesday I had told you about how my 'plan' had been to 'find' another room of this house, but the storm the night before had done quite a number on my head, so I wasn't sure.. ?  Well, I did get all of the layers for Brent and Kayla's wedding cake baked up. And I really wanted to accomplish something in the 'finding' of this house department, but knew that I was not up to conquering all of the dining room, nor the den, nor... Hummm  So I decided to start on the front book case* leading to upstairs in the front entry. That way, even if I wasn't up to finishing a-l-l of it, I would be able to see the progress I did make. And physiologically, I needed that!
    "the front book case* leading to upstairs in the front entry." Yes, it's actually a stair case. And no, it wasn't just a Freudian slip. Although it fits. At least around here it does! Goodness!!! I know some of you never have such a problem. But I also know that others of you can relate all too well. Somebody sits something on the staircase that needs to be taken upstairs. At least usually (eye roll) their intent is to take it all of the way up the next time they actually go upstairs. How-ever (and that's a HUGE however right there!), they almost always end up walking right past the waiting item and going the rest of the way up. Empty handed.
    I would love to be able to say that it's only the rest of the members of this household, that do such a thing. I really would. But that wouldn't be being truthful. And I strive very hard to be truthful on here. So instead, we're just going to leave this whole part alone. Starting now. ;-p
    And like every other surface in this house (and in lots of other peoples houses as well), once one thing is sat on it, it acts like a magnet, piling things up on and around itself at an alarming rate. I mean, to the point that sometimes (okay, frequently) somebody going up the steps, brushes against something piled there-on, knocking it over. But even that does not then grant/guarantee the item an automatic ride to the top. More often the scenario becomes, that the thing lays where it has fallen to, awaiting the next stair case users hands to place it back on a step - any step.
    And it seems that both dust and dog hairs also have the magnetic ingredients in them. Horrors!!! And the two combined, around the 'piles', and across the back of the open walking lane .... What a mess!
     Yep, the front staircase needed 'found' and any progress I could make on it would be noticeable!
     So-o, being my usual totally logical self, ( o/~) I started at the very beginning ( o/~) [ o;-p]. I used a Kleenex to gather the hairs and dust off the wood sides, and my fingernails to gather it into a bunch off the carpeted middle of the steps. I placed both into a plastic shopping bag, so it would be easy to move it with me, as I worked my way up the staircase. And, I took care of the items which had been piled there on.
     I got about a third of the way up the staircase and was feeling both the pressure in my head from the type of activity I was doing, as well as pressure in my lungs from all of the dust, but after returning from getting a drink of water, I could see so-o much progress, that I convinced myself I could do the rest of the way up to the landing.
    And then after returning from that bathroom break and water gulp-age, I was so impressed with the progress I'd made, that I decided it would be wrong to not keep going up to the top of the staircase. ;->
    When I got done, I was ever so tired. And sweaty. And heavy headed and lunged. And the dizzies were building. But I had 'found' the whole staircase. And even if I did say so myself, man did it look good!!!
     The dizzies were to the point, that I knew a shower was out of the question. So instead, I hit my bed. Might be wrong, but with vertigo, you MUST recognize both symptoms and your limits, or pay horrendously for not having done so! So-o, ignored the sweaty and hit the bed. Oh my word did it feel good.
     I was laying diagonally on my right side, across the bed in front of the window, when I heard Brandon arrive home. My inner ear vertigo symptoms do better if I lay on my right side. But that puts my back towards the bedroom door.
     A couple of minutes later I heard him start up the steps. Then I could tell that he had put one foot into my room, when I heard him say, "Mom, the steps look A-MAZ-Z-ing!"
     I smiled. Ear to Ear. And all of my insides too. And thanked him. And I'm still smiling over it. Because that folks, WAS A COMPLIMENT!!


  1. love this.. i found my car the other day.. it looked like a homeless person was living in it.. way to find your staircase

  2. had come from Cheryl's dad via email - "See, I told you Brandon was a good guy!!"


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