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Tuesday, August 23, 2011

More Timing Smiles ;->

    God displaying his sense of humor via timing in our life's struck again - twice even. He was on a roll last night! ;-p!

    In the midst of watching a recorded episode of a show last evening, Brian commented, "What did he do with the third guy? I only saw him 'take care of' two". "No, he handled all three"  "I must have missed one. . ."  So I pushed the button on the remote to back things up. "No, that's okay, I don't have to watch.."
    And suddenly we were sitting in total darkness. Laughing!
    I had started to move my finger over to switch it from rewinding to going forward, lost my grip on the remote, and in the pursuing grab at it to keep from dropping it, hit the 'off' button instead of the 'forward' one.
    Out of the darkness I hear, "I hadn't real-ly meant that I didn't want to finish watching the show. . . ."   sarcastic chuckling . . .
    I was laughing so hard, my fingers were having challenges finding the right button to turn the TV back on. o;-p!!!
    And we were sitting in total darkness because there was still quite a bit of sunlight coming through the curtains when we had started the show... but it had been from the setting sun, which had finished disappearing from our horizon and left us with only the glow from the TV... which too had left the room ...

     (yes, we did finish the show, after a successful rewind and rewatch... ;->)

     Not long after we had gone to bed, we heard the sound of a police siren start up, run for only a super short time, then wind down again. In my mind I was thinking, 'that was close by' and 'they pulled over fast'. Then I realized that Brian was chuckling - ever so softly - like he was trying to make sure he didn't disturb me.
     "What's so funny?"
      . . . (silence)
     "I had just lifted my hand to wrap my arm around you, when the siren started. "Okay Lord, your right. I need to let her get some rest. I won't disturb her, PROMISE!" and the siren stopped".
     COMICAL!!! ;-p

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  1. had come from Cheryl's dad via email - "Aren’t you glad you trained him to be obedient to all commands????"


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