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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

More timing humor ;-)

     Back on Friday evening of July 15th, when we were headed to our out-of-state kids house to meet our new born grandson, a couple of different things happened which yet again left us laughing, as well as applauding God's amazing "timing" and displays of humor.
     Soon after we had pulled out, Brian had put a long running CD in to play. It was one that Benson had burned for the family at some point in time, which contains quite a variety of music styles. That way, if any of us doesn't really care for one particular song while we're all riding together, we know that the tables will soon be turned. And then turned back. And then....  It works!
    Any-ways, at one point along the way, we were listening to a country style song about a cowboy. That reminded me of 'Pioneer Women' and the cooking challenge episode against 'Iron Chef' that she did. (I tried to find a link to that particular episode... oh well.) She had a cowboy in full attire present the challenge to Bobby Flay. I was telling Brian about how Ree had just posted that she is both working on her second cookbook and that they had been doing filming out at her ranch, because Food Network(R) is giving her her own show, when all of a sudden out my side window, I spot a sign (not a billboard) that said "Ree's" in big letters. I started laughing so hard at God's timing, that I missed what the sign said underneath that (and it's not like you can just go around the block for another look, when your driving on the highway).

    Much later in our trip, when we were into heavier traffic, on the outskirts of 'the big city', Brian had kept looking in the rear view mirror. Suddenly he states, "it seems we have a tail". All kinds of scenarios instantly flashed across my mind. Including the one time that I really did have "a tail", but that's a whole 'nother story.
     Then I chuckled and said, "Come on Brian, Michael has taught us how to loose a tail" (referring to the TV character 'Michael Westen' on the show 'Burn Notice'). And Brian replied (with a sinister chuckle), "Yup, and he's even here to help us too". My mind questioned, "WHAT?!?". Then I saw it, a couple of vehicles ahead of us, in the lane directly next to ours, was a semi with the name "Weston" on the back doors. Suddenly Brian swishes our van into that lane. He checked the rear view mirror and chuckles, the vehicle behind us had done likewise. Then Brian quickly changed back again, leaving the other vehicle trapped in that lane, seeings how the traffic which had been behind the two of us, had moved forward filing the empty spot.
     Not long afterwords, the vehicle which Brian had thought was 'tailing us', moved on over to the farthest lane over and exited the highway. We then wondered, had that been his plan and destination all along, or had our maneuvering let him know 'he'd been made'?  Did somebody else then pick up our tail?  Hummmm....
     Don't know. All I do know, is that we thought God's timing of providing a 'Weston' Truck, which was going a bit slower than the rest of traffic, to help us loose our tail, after I had just commented about Michael having taught us how to loose one, was really funny!!!

    Oh, and I also know that that type of driving left me holding on, TIGHTLY, striving hard to not turn green around the gills (so to speak), when lots of my "Ms. Vertigo" symptoms kicked in. 8-/.

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