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Tuesday, August 16, 2011

a couple of things -

   First off - to those of you who subscribe to our blog. (THANK-YOU!) I know that every time I update a posting, it gets re-sent out to you. I would hereby like to apologize for how many 'copies' of the link-up listing posting you are receiving. Some people are no longer hosting theirs. Somebody else didn't want theirs included. .... Please just ignore any new copies of that posting you receive, and know that I am very sorry for the repeated issuance of it!

    Secondly - no, I have not been posting real frequently lately. I am now 3/4ths of the way done with the alterations and restyling of Kayla's wedding dress. I am also now 3/4ths of the way permanently cross eyes. o;-p   Goodness!!!
    Next on the list is the corsages and boutonnieres. Thankfully they do not involve sewing on little tiny beads, or netted do-dad's (like that technical name? ;-p)
    Then it will be on to hemming all of the guys tux's...
     Thankfully, there should be time for some chocolate therapy time before I have to start on the open house style reception we plan to host.

     Right now, I'm headed back up to finish the back of the dress..... Deep breath.....


  1. I've been very behind on my e-mail, but I found one by you, and checked it out. Surprise both my meme's are on your list. Too cool! I am now following you, and hope you can follow me too! Reaching 1,000 followers soon, and having a Gala Give-Away, which is a different give-away each day for one week! I finally got all the sponsors together. Now I only need 5 new followers. So take a breather from your hectic day & come on down! ~snicker~ Have a great day! Nice to meet ya!

  2. had come from Cheryl's dad on - Tuesday, August 16, 2011 11:18
    "Did you make any cookies in your SPARE time?????"


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