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Friday, August 5, 2011


     While I was on the computer around eight last evening, the breeze kept carrying in the smell of some type of a fire. It wasn't the smell of one of the neighbors fireplaces. It wasn't the smell of charcoal or food grilling. It didn't really smell like a house fire... but I could not determine exactly what the cause of the smell might be. But it kept coming. And perplexing me. And the thought that somebody's house was on fire, and I wasn't reporting it, was heavy. So with phone in hand, I stepped out on to the back porch to have a look around.
     What I immediately spotted, was hilarious. But it most definitely could not be the cause of the smell, so I made myself look away and scan what I could see of our neighborhood. I scanned the sky first, then the top of houses. Then down in peoples yards. Once I was absolutely sure that I could not see anything that might be producing such a smell, I allowed my eyes to return to what had make me chuckle.
    Yup, it was still there. And watching it made me burst out laughing!!!
    Our neighbor Jim (who is in his thirty's) had his kayak out. It was sitting at the edge of the alley. Both 'the edge' equaling the side which attaches to driveways and yards. As well as 'the edge' right before the down hill starts. And he was sitting in it. With paddle in hand. Paddling. At a nice smooth pace.
    It was just so comical looking!! He reminded me of a little boy sitting in daddy's boat, wishing daddy would let him take it out on the water.
    The thought came to mind, "Hey Noah Jim, know anything you should be sharing with the rest of us?" chuckle, chuckle.
    He put the paddle down and it looked like he was going to climb out. But instead he simply adjusted how he was sitting, then picked up the paddle and started using it again. So-o-o funny!
    I thought about grabbing Kayla's camera she's loaned me for something I can't tell you about yet, but I didn't think a picture would be clear enough to help you grasp the hilarity of the scene. And getting closer to him to take one, wouldn't show you the scene from my porch perspective either.
   So I just stood there. Watching. And laughing. Fully amused.
   After a couple of minutes he did climb out of the boat. He then turned my direction ( he had been facing away from me). "I thought I head some cackling coming from your direction" he said.
    First I asked him if he too smelled something fire based. He stuck his nose up in the air and sniffed, reminding me of something else entirely, and making me start laughing yet again.
    Jim shook his head, said he smelled something, but wasn't sure what, and then with a smirk commented something about how his day was now complete seeings how he'd made at least one person laugh.
    I thanked him for the laughs, as he started to pick his stuff up. He put up a thumbs up and headed towards his garage.
    I went out front, still couldn't spot anything fire related, so I gave up on that. But I kept smiling and chuckling, my mind picturing Jim sitting where he had been, in the gravel, paddling, but never touching the ground. So-o-o comical!  Guess he hadn't had enough time to carry it down to the river and take it for a real ride..... the chuckling continues ....

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  1. Bwahahaha! Maybe he knew something YOU didn't know and was practicing, haha! Too bad you didn't have a video camera in your hand, lol!


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