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Friday, August 12, 2011

about my birthday -

    One day a week ago, when Byron had called me, I could tell from the sounds I was hearing, that he had put the phone down and I was on speaker phone. Occasionally I could hear little sounds which had to be coming from Elliot. Byron said that Elliot was sitting in a seat on the table, right next to where he'd sat the phone. I liked that! I want him familiar with this grandma's voice too!
     Byron was working at fixing something to eat and we were talking when suddenly I heard Analyse enter the room, singing. Byron asked her who's birthday it was. She didn't know, she just wanted him to sing the 'Happy Birthday' song with her!
     I volunteered the information that my birthday had been the week before, and that she could sing it to me. "Oh Mom, I'm so-o sorry! I did call you from work late that night, and I had meant to have her call you the next day, but then...". I reassured him that I was not at all upset. Good intentions often get misdirected by life. They just do.
     He asked Analyse if she wanted to sing 'Happy Birthday' to grandma, then informed me that she was vigorously shaking her head yes while smiling ear to ear. All righty then!
     In an ever so cute sounding way, with a very clear pitch, and very precise pronunciation, Analyse began singing the song to me. I tell you folks, my heart melted right then and there!!!
     She sang a bit and then seemed to stall. I heard Byron start up where she had ended and then her join him. After a few words, Byron's voice dropped off and Analyse carried on for a bit, before again seeming to stall. This continued throughout the entire song. Byron told me later that every time she stalled, she had sort of cocked her head at him and given him this look like 'why aren't you singing with me?!?'. He had wanted me to be able to hear her, not be drowned out by his voice.
     Hear her I did. And loved it!!! So much so, that I am seriously considering calling them and requesting that she sing it to me again. And then maybe again the following week. And then...   o;->

     The in-town kids and Brian, had taken me out to Cracker Barrel(R) for dinner. I like that place!
     Brian gave me a White Castle(R) glass, which he had bought for me the last time we had visited our out of state kids. Cyndi really likes White Castle. As do I. And Brian thinks they are pretty good. Byron, however, does not care for them. So if I get the chance while I am there, I always make sure that somebody goes and picks some up for Cyndi and I. Hey, I am a considerate mother-in-love, who is willing to sacrifice like that for my daughter-in-love. o;-p

    At dinner, Benson didn't have a card for me. I did however, learn who the money laying on the kitchen counter belonged to. Benson had given it to Brian, asking him to please pick up a card for me, from him .... What was that I had said earlier, about good intentions getting misdirected by life?  chuckle, chuckle....
    Brent had handed me his (and Kayla's) card, while wearing a big smirk on his face. I expect nothing else from him. ;-p   The outside of the card read, "For your Birthday, here's the perfect Bumper Sticker for someone in your age group!  Across the inside, there actually is a bumper sticker attached, which reads, "I'm OLD! I'm SUPPOSED To Leave My Turn Signal ON."  Underneath that, it said, "Enjoy!" with "I Love you mom" in Brent's hand writing above his signature and then Kayla's signature (using her 'going to be' last name ;-p)

     Brandon had joined us quite a ways into the meal (he had been working). He walked in carrying two cards. Ought-oh. Smirk.
     On the outside of the first one, there is a picture of a very young child, two bottom teeth showing, the child is obviously wearing his daddy's sun glasses, and the child is asking, "What do you have to do to get a bottle around here?" The inside of the card reads, "Hope you get what you want for your birthday!"  "Love ya  Brandon"

     I did! I had lunch and time with a friend (keep reading... you'll come to that info. ;-]) I got dinner at Cracker Barrel(R) with most of my family, and then dessert en-route home with them at Dairy Queen(R).  And I had a whole slew of on line well wishes, from friends and relatives. Oh, and cards from both Brian and my parents, as well as a singing phone call from my Dad and Joan. :-D

     The front of the second card from Brandon, showed a chimp sitting next to a phone, holding the receiver in his hand. Below that it read, "I better not hear any crap about how upset you are that I missed your birthday. I mean, how do you know I wasn't in a serious car accident and lying in some ditch out inthe middle of nowhere? Or maybe I was trapped in an abandoned well or mineshaft? Stuff like that happens, you know! Well, I may have forgotten your birthday, but I didn't exactly get any phone calls to see if I was okay."    The inside of the card read, "All I know is, you better have a darned good excuse why I didn't hear from you on your birthday!"      "Uh, by the way, I hope it was happy."       "Love ya, Brandon"      He hadn't thought he'd be able to get out in time to join us, so had bought the first card. He had picked up the second one in the gift shop part of the restaurant, before joining us at the table. Then decided 'what the heck', and given me both!

    Yup, I have a crazy family. Have grown to appreciate that about them!

    Yesterday while my 'chauffeur' Amy was driving me around picking up some wedding prep supplies, she gave me a 24 case of cans of Pepsi(R). How in the world did she ever guess?  o;-p

    The day of my birthday, I had gotten a surprise phone call from Debbie G.. She had then taken (and treated) me to a late lunch out. I was thrilled! I hadn't seen her in w-a-y too long, and been missing her something fierce!!!

     Let's see - it's 1:40 now where the kids are... I wonder if Ms. Analyse is down for her nap, or if she could sing to me again ..... o;->

      This is a picture of her that Benson sent to me....  :->!

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  1. You need to each by a 17 dollar camera and SKYPE each other FREE, so you can see the grandkids and they can see and hear you too... This is how Elise and I have face time from Ca to Ga... I think you would LOVE it...


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