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Tuesday, August 9, 2011

about a movie -

    Last evening, Brent was telling us some tidbits about a movie that he had just come from seeing. Kayla's sister had won free tickets to see the preview of the movie '30 Minutes or Less'.  The official release date of the movie, is this coming Friday - August 12th.
    Brent said the movie was okay. He thought parts of it were really funny, but wasn't as sure that we would, seeings how in some areas, his sense of humor likes things we think are just plain dumb. ;-p.
    Those of you who have face-book accounts, have seen the different "you know your from such-and-such-a-place when..." popping up all over. According to Brent, you know your from Grand Rapids (the movie was filmed here last summer) when - while watching this movie, you realize they are driving down Plainfield, but then they turn a corner and are on 28th street, and then they turn another corner and are on a different street; and yet the three streets are in w-a-y different sections of the city and do NOT connect! ;-p  Or, when they pull out of the car lot located on the corner of Ann and Alpine, and drive into the back of Padnos scrap metal place (who's front is on Turner) WITHOUT having crossed either a railroad track or a creek. ;-p
    No, Brent did not see anybody he knew in the crowds along some of the down town street scenes in the movie. In-fact, he said that you couldn't really make out any faces at all. It was as though they had blurred all of that on the film. So many locals are going to be so-o disappointed!!
    According to Brent, it was great fun to see who could be the first to identify where different scenes had been filmed around our city. ;-p!

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