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Thursday, July 7, 2011

yet again, He provided ;->

      Brian had gone into work extra early a week ago Monday, due to having a doctors appointment that afternoon. We decided that we had enough time that we could squeeze in a quick date between the two, too. Always a bonus!
      We had decided the 'Grand Rapids Brewing Co.' (R) sounded really good, only to get there and discover they had closed their doors. Truly a sad state of affairs!!!
      We decided to see if the 'Grand Traverse Pie Co.(R)', which we had only visited once, a couple years back, was still in business. Thankfully they were/are. :-) (For the record, they have locations in numerous Michigan and Indiana cities).  They have quite the variety of sandwiches, all of which they put there own twists on, as well as offering pies. Oh the pies. You can order them by the slice, or as a whole one to take with you. We were good little doobies and didn't have any. After all, we were headed to the doctor's office and their  scales. o;-p. But my mind will not let the image of their warm blackberry pie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream drop. My mind is determined that we should go back and get some ......  I have to say that I think it's right .....
     As we were eating, I just kept getting this persistent feeling that we should hop over to the nearby New 2 You resale shop. Didn't know why ... perhaps they'd have a sleeper sofa that we'd like...?   As soon as I got out of the van, I knew the "why". Sitting right outside their doors, was a double stroller. The more 'deluxe', one seat in front of the other, collapsible sun visors attached for both, with a basket in the back, strollers. The exact kind that Byron and Cyndi had just the week before, asked if I could try to round one up for them. I had reminded them that I don't venture out shopping very often, due to still being 'Ms. Vertigo'. They had replied, "W-e-l-l, you just seem to have this way of finding things...."
     No, God has a way of going before me and providing things!!!
     I had approached the stroller with some trepidation. The 'kids' had asked for one.... I had felt the leading to go here... but I also knew how much those things usually run, even used. I was skeptical just how high of a price they might be asking for it. I looked at the tag. Then re-looked at it. Then blinked a couple of times and looked again. At first look I had read $30.00. But it couldn't really be that low, could it? 'My eyes must not be focusing right again....' So I had looked again, silently questioning whether it was actually an 8 instead of a 3 on the tag. It really was a 3. "THANK-YOU Lord!!!"
     By this time, Brian had wandered over and was looking it over himself. Doing 'guy stuff' like checking it's tires, brake/locks, etc..
      I, on the other hand, had gotten out my cell phone and called Byron. I wanted to verify that somebody else hadn't picked one up for them in the in-between time.  Nobody had, "Can you send us pictures?"
      While Brian had his phone out, snapping pictures of the stroller from various angles, this guy walks up - in FRONT of Brian - looks at the price tag and starts looking the stroller over. 8-l  "Sir, (I said) it's sold". "No, it's for sale." "SIR! We're buying it." "Well, I know how much these things sell for new..." and he heads into the store. I could not believe it! After explaining to 'the kids' what that was all about, we wheel the wet stroller (it had been pouring just prior to our arrival there) into the store, and up to the register.
      I leave Brian to talk to the elderly volunteer who was manning the register, and wandered over to see if just maybe they had the right kind of couch too.... They didn't. But we did leave with the stroller. For $30.00! :-D

     Well, that is, we left after some amusing minutes in the parking lot, trying to figure out how exactly you made the thing collapse ...  and asking a different lady as she was walking back to her car if she knew.. she thought she did... but couldn't get it to work... but couldn't let herself leave not having it figured out (;-p) .. and then asking a dad who had just deposited a very unruly son in their car, if he knew .... Between Brian, the lady and the man, they figured it out. Team work and smiles amongst strangers, right there in that parking lot. :-> It added to the smiles of "the find".

      Just in case you've forgotten - the reason 'the kids' wanted a double seated stroller, is because our second grandchild will be being delivered on July 12th. That's only five days from now ....  :-> !!! :-D !!!

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  1. Congrats on the new baby in 5 days, and on collapsing the stroller... They should make carseats, pack n plays, and strollers universal... So complicated... hahaa

  2. Hi,
    Thanks so much for linking to 2nd Time Around! And congratulations on the new baby! Great find!


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