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Friday, July 22, 2011

We met Elliot! :->

    Last Friday evening we headed out of town with warm smiles on our faces. Warm, due to the weather temperatures. But warmer still due to our destination. We were headed to our out-of-state kids home - Byron, Cyndi, Analyse and Elliot.
     Due to the hour of our arrival, two year old Analyse was already down for the night. But five day old Elliot wasn't. :-D  He is ADORABLE!!! Yes, I am yet gain a biased grandma. But honest folks, he really is - ADORABLE!!! So-o-o precious. And cute. And just adorable!
     He currently has reddish hair. So did all of our sons early on. And then they all changed. First to blondes. Later to brunettes. My bothers had been red heads too. We'll see if it changes or stays on Elliot.
     He has very long fingers like his daddy. Such tiny cute long fingers.
     Overall, he is a very content baby. He did have fussy spells every evening. But that is an A-Typical very young baby thing, and his didn't even last over two hours. But for the rest of the day, he mainly only cries when he's wet or hungry.
      And that boy has a hearty appetite! Won't be long at all till he's going through two of those two ounce bottles they were given!
      He's also a good burper!  He'll be plowing his way through a bottle, then suddenly pretty much stop. Your signal it's time to burp him. The majority of the time, that is accomplished amazingly quickly. then he's ready for the rest!
      He is a very strong little dude! Oh my goodness! He was fussin, I was attempting to introduce him to a pacifier. he was swatting my arms away with such vigor.... till I put a couple of drops of the formula on the tip of the pacifier... he took it, and kept it. Most of the time though he looses it after a couple of minutes. That's due to how he's working the thing, not just sucking on it.
     His strength also showed up in how he rolled himself over - off of the table - dizzy or not, this grandma still has fast reflexes! Whew!!! Later, he attempted to roll himself off the couch. Actually, he did. Thankfully, we caught him in mid air. And Cyndi reported that he did the same thing on the examining table, during the doctors checkup.
    Currently, he has blue eyes. We'll see if they change or not.
    Our 'plan' was to take LOTS of pictures and do a bunch of postings, as well as print some of them off for both sets of great grand parents. However, our camera came up MIA shortly in to our weekend...  we're "hoping" that Ms. Analyse had gotten a-hold of it and it will show up soon...
     For now, I can share the couple of pictures that Brian took with his phone. Your right, they aren't the best.... I tried photo editing them on the computer.... I can close my eyes and see him... them... sorry you don't have that option as well.
      This one was taken on Saturday. Brian took it because he said it was like Dajavue'. He said it was like a time warp thing... with me sitting there holding one of our own sons. (yes, my neck looks weird... wonderful neck brace....8-/)

      This is Ms. Analyse, proudly wearing the T-shirt Uncle Benson had sent for her from the movie Cars(R) (I'll have to tell you sometime about how he got it ;->)

      And this is Elliot, sitting in the little dolly feeding seat that we had picked up at a mission store for Analyse. Brain (aka: "Pappy") and I were finishing up a project we had been helping Byron with in their living room. Byron had had to leave for work. Analyse was downstairs with the other grandma. Cyndi was someplace. ... Elliot was awake, and content, and we wanted to finish up, but he had been rolling himself off of things, and I didn't want to lay him on a blanket on the floor and then forget he was there as we're scooting things around .... so I propped the seat up on the couch and put him in - it fit like it had been custom made!! Not for long, I know. But he was so-o-o cute in it!

     If you would like to see a couple of clearer pictures, we invite you to go back to THIS posting.

      Due to the temp's, etc., we delayed our 'planned' departure for a couple of hours. We pulled up in front of our house at 12:20 a.m. Wed. morning/Tues. night. HOPEFULLY, either they will be up to traveling soon and come here and we will get more pictures, or we shall find a way to go back there and get some ....
     In the mean time, we're cherishing memories. Of Elliot. And of Ms. Analyse!

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  1. came from Cheryl's dad via email - "Sounds like you had a good time. I wasn’t aware that you were going to be down there extra days. Love, Dad"


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