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Saturday, July 9, 2011

this made me smile -

    The other evening Brian went in to fix us something to eat. We hadn't yet had dinner / supper (which ever you like to refer to it as), and yet we weren't all that hungry. We did need to eat, but...

     This is what was waiting for me when I went in to get my plate -
     Doesn't that just make you smile?
     I found it to be very creative on his part!
     He had picked up some premade Chicken Salad. Cut up some green onions and added them. To mine, he had also added chopped pecans.
     He had scooped out the innards of a couple of the tomatoes he had also bought, and filled them with the chicken salad. Mine, he also garnished with pecans.
     Accompanied with the salty chips - quite a neat dinner.

     Thanks again Brian!

      To the rest of you - just thought I'd share my smiles. ;->

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  1. from Jill Roed. via email - "And of course.........your Pepsi!!"


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