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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sometimes 'The Circle' is just too obvious!

     Sir Elton John had been commissioned to write and sing the song 'Circle of Life' for Disney's(R) movie 'The Lion King'(R). While the song itself is a beautiful song, and we all know about how 'the circle' works, sometimes..., yeah, sometimes the reality of it, is just too obvious in the world around us. Too too obvious!
    Unlike boxes, where there are different sides, circles keep on flowing, round and round and round.
    And it doesn't always flow smoothly. It's more like a large stream. Sometimes the rains of life make it run high and overflow it's banks. Sometimes rocks collect together in it, thereby making rapids in it. And yet at other times, it's waters do flow so calm and smoothly that it's hard to believe it can be the same stream.
    'The circle of life' works quite similar to how our round world rotates. Sometimes the area we live in has rotated to where we are seeing the sun. But at other times, it is very obvious that our area has rotated away from the sun and is back in the moons area.

    In the movie, the song starts with the birth of the baby. Those times in life are usually times when the stream is flowing along smoothly. When we have rotated into the realm of the sun. And we consider life "good".
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    I know of two very recent births. The parents, grand parents, relatives, and friends, all felt that the sun was indeed shining and life was "good!"
    I know of several couples whom will be giving birth anywhere's from with in the next two weeks, to the next eight months. So far, the streams have had only minimal rapids in them (morning sickness) and things are brightening up. Again, life is "good".

    In the movie, the baby grows up. But along the way, it's father dies. This too is part of 'the circle of life'. During those times in life, it is more like the skies have opened up in non-ending storms, flooding our cope-ability banks. We are trying hard to stay afloat, but the amount of rapids we keep encountering, are more like mountains. We are well aware that we have rotated away from the sun, and sometimes we wonder if even the moon will ever shine again. During those times, we struggle to give lip service to the idea that life is "good".
   In our hearts, we know it is. In our hearts, we know that 'this too shall pass'. In our hearts....  But our hearts are just so-o heavy. And we know that it's not the sky raining and filling those streams. No, the truth of the matter is, it's our own tears. And just when we think that we've gained control, another rapid appears and the flooding starts again. "Some-day". Some-day we will again be able to more honestly say that life is "good".
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    I have a cyber friend whom recently lost her husband. Totally unexpectedly. Totally and ever so quickly, rotating her world away from the sunshine they had shared for twenty five years. Her heart is heavy indeed. The rivers keep rising. And she can't help it. The glimpse of his glasses sitting on the magazine he had been reading, are now very rough rapids. And we her friends, weep with and for her. "Lord, let her see sunshine again" we plead on her behalf.
    Very recently a friend got the news that they had pulled the life support from her teenage grandson, who lived in a different state. Her mind hadn't yet come to grips with the reality that something dreadful had suddenly happened and he was even on life support. He was only a teenager! And now the dam finished breaking. He is gone. The skies went from suddenly very overcast, to unfathomably dark. Her grandmotherly heart is so so heavy. As are our hearts for her. And those whom are hers. "Lord, let them see sunshine again" we plead on their behalf.
     I have two dear friends whom very recently had doctors tell a close relative of theirs, that there is nothing more medically that can be done for them. The doctors then told the families, "we'll try to keep them as comfortable as possible...". 
     For one friend, it was her brother. For the other friend, it is his dad.
     The bother had been diagnosed with cancer before. But they had beat it! They had rotated to darkness and back again. But this time, it's not only back, it's won. They were again rotated back to the darkness. And this time, it seems even darker. Because this time, their holding out hope has been yanked away from them. This time, the rapids have been increased, he had only just become a grandpa, for the very first time. Yes, they have time to say their good-byes. And they know it's best. But they don't want to. Plain and simple.
     The other friends dad has had problems before. But this time, the dialyzes were more than his body could handle. This time, their hope too was yanked away.  Yes, he is older, but not THAT old! They try to keep the rain tears away when they are around him. But he knows. And so do they.
     In both cases, our beseeching prayer on their behalf is, "Lord, help them to turn to you for their strength. They can't humanly get through this on their own. Lord, let them feel your arms around them."

     For those of us saying these beseeching prayers, "the circle" is just too obvious!!! We know better than to step back far enough not to be able to see it clearly, because our friends need us! Both sets. The ones need us to rejoice with them. "It means so much...." The others need our encouragement and love to help them through this...."don't forget about me....".  

     Another "circle" song comes to mind.... o/~ "Will the circle, be unbroken, by and by Lord, by and by...." o/~    

      And then another, made popular by Tommy Rowe.  o/~ "I'm so dizzy, my head is spinning, like a whirlpool never quite ending....." o/~  But it's not a "girl" making it spin. It's "the circle of life". And coping with 'the circle' is challenging!
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  1. The circle...I'm not sure how I feel about it, but I know it's there.

    I realized the extent of it, when I became pregnant with my first son (unplanned). My grandfather died right before he was born, and my mother was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig's disease) that same month, and then my son was born....

    He made the circle a little brighter

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