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Thursday, July 28, 2011

More timing humor ;-p

    Down a ways in yesterdays posting I wrote, " I love witnessing God's amazing sense of timing and displays of irony and humor in our lives. It happened again this morning."
     Well, He did the timing and humor part again last night too.
     Brian and I were watching an episode of one of our recorded shows. We had already turned the volume up a couple of times. Then suddenly the storms thunder was so-o loud, and so directly overhead, that it sounded like it was trying to break some noise records.
     I pushed the pause button and waited. Brian looked over at me and said, "Yeah, even I  missed that part" chuckle, chuckle.
     I waited a bit, the thunder seemed to have subsided, I stated "take 2" and pushed the play button. IMMEDIATELY the thunder started again. Just as loud as it had been!
     I literally laughed right out loud! "God, your timing is delightful!"
    We waited a minute. Then another. Then turned the volume bar up to in the 40's and continued on, ever so confident that our neighbors still would not be able to hear our TV over the raging storm, even though our windows were all open.
                                       (I found this picture on line HERE)

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