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Monday, July 11, 2011

I was featured - sort of -

    Does it count as being "featured", if a fellow blogger likes the comment you left on one of their postings so much, that they turn around and use your comment as their next posting?
     If so, then I was "featured". If not... you can ignore all of this ;-)

    Susan, from 'Permanent Posies' had written a posting titled, "Hello. My name is Susan and I Am A Compulsive Food Buyer." During the course of reading it, a couple of ideas came to mind which I thought she might (actually, that should read, "I HOPED she might") find helpful.   
    So I wrote them out in a comment. You know me, it wasn't just a two or three sentence comment. o;-]  I had ended with, "Well, hopefully I haven't crossed over any lines and made it so that you never want to see my name again...."

    I got this response back from her - "Can I please post your letter on my blog? It was so good!"  I replied, "sure. Glad I didn't offend you! ;-)"

    She posted it today, and titled it "One of My Blogging Friends Has a Plan".  This was her introduction to it, "One of my blog readers took the time to write me out a food plan for fulfilling my challenge of cleaning out the freezer and pantry. I thought it was so nice that I decided to post it. Here goes:"

    Susan, thanks again for not being offended! I am truly honored that you liked 'my plan' enough to feature it.


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  1. That was a very practical and well considered answer to her struggle. It also met another need, that of helping people and using her food shopping interest to do so. So she could turn a problem area into an area of strength and purpose. Good advice!


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