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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Drum Roll Please... they named him...

    On Tuesday, we announced that our eldest son and his wife had had their second baby and that it is a boy!    
    He weighed in at 7pounds 4 ounces, and measured 19 1/2 inches tall.
    According to the Illinois Grandma - He's a real "looker!"
    Here's another picture of him, so you can decide for yourself -
     Yesterday (Wed.) they took Analyse up to the hospital to meet her baby brother. When I later questioned Brandon how it had gone - he claimed it "had been a big mistake. She threw fits any time they weren't letting her hold him." My response was, "That's an A-Typical 2 year olds response. But it's actually good. At least she didn't refuse to have anything to do with him."
     Yes, Brandon is there. As many of you know, he's been working two jobs - both at the caterer's and at Taco Bell(R). Due to working, and NEEDING TO(!), he hadn't been able to go with us when Analyse was born. Nor for either of her birthday parties. So when he got the chance to go for a few days around the time of this ones birth - he sweet talked his dad into switching vehicles (Brandon's truck is not long road trip worthy) and he headed out. He IS coming home in the morning, so we can head there tomorrow evening!! !! !!
     Here's a picture of the proud uncle with his nephew -

       And here's one of when Byron and Cyndi introduced Analyse to her new baby brother -
                               (Byron is taking the picture)
    Can NOT decide which facial expression is more precious - Analyse's, or Cyndi's. Made this grandma all teary eyed, again. o;->

    And here is a picture of our two adorable grandchildren -
                                                 Analyse Christine B.
                                                 Elliot James B.

   {all of the above pictures were taken by and sent to me via, cell phones. :-) for technology )
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  1. Congratulations to the whole Brazier family! Now it is time to spoil another grandchild. As love only increase with each addition, your heart must be overflowing now!!!!
    Travel safe
    Karen G.

  2. Oh Cheryl, he is adorable!!!!!! Analyse is so precious in that picture too. How fun to have another grandchild.

    I am in no hurry as neither of mine are married yet, but I do think it will be fun someday.

  3. comments left on Facebook -
    "liked" - Donna Darl/Clar./Will. and Melissa Darl.
    ~ ~ ~ ~
    from Sandy Hard. - "very fun Cheryl! Congratulations!"
    ~ ~ ~ ~
    from Breanna Burg. - "Love that picture of Analyse holding Elliot!!!!! ♥"
    ~ ~ ~ ~

    via email -
    from Cheryl's dad - "We are agreed--- Elliot James B. is a very classy name!!"


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