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Saturday, July 23, 2011

depends where your headed -

     A couple of different times recently, we have visited the closest local branch of the Bob Evans chain of restaurants. They are currently running some special chicken sandwich and hamburger specials, as well as fried green tomatoes. AND, their restaurant is air conditioned. Triple win right there! o;-p
    [I was in no way compensated for the above, just voicing our opinion / recommendation.]
    While we were there the first time, we noticed something about these two signs they have in front of parking spaces by one of their doors.
     When we went back the second time, we took the 'kids' with us, and were showing them the signs. We decided that you too might get a chuckle out of them, so we took pictures.
     O-kay, o-kay.... I decided that I should blog about them... and after having some good laughs about all of it at my expense, others used their phones to take pictures for me. Is that better? Geesh... o;-p

     Sign #1

     Sign  #2
     According to Brian, you park in front of sign #1 if your picking up a carry out order to take back home with you. But if instead of taking the order home, your taking it elsewhere (such as a friends house or your church's potluck) then your suppose to park in front of sign #2. ;-p
     In actuality, one sign is much older looking than the other, so we're sure that the wording was just changed along the way. But Brian says his reasoning sounds better.

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  1. from Cheryl's dad via email - "Sounds reasonable to me!!"


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