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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

A Wedding Reception

    Two Sunday's ago, we had the privilege of attending our friends sons (actually, the son is our friend too...) wedding reception.  The couple had actually gotten married on New Years. A couple of things about that -
     First, they were both college students. And due to various circumstances, it was going to work out best, if they shared an apartment for second semester. But due to their strong beliefs, the only way they would do that, was if they were married. They had been dating for quite a while ... they both had in mind that they eventually would get married... so they did a super short engagement prior to their wedding.
     The second thing is, that while the engagement period was super short, and only immediate family was invited to the ceremony, they did dress it up a bit. The pictures that they had shared on facebook were really cute! The bride had a cute white dress, with a white fur stole(?), and carried blue flowers. The guys didn't wear suits, but their blue ties did match the brides and her bridesmaids flowers.  And the flower girl looked adorable. Yeah, I know, I should have gotten pictures from them to include on here. Sorry!

     Since the ceremony itself had only been for the immediate family, they had a delayed reception two weeks ago, which friends were invited to. It was a low key affair. Grilled burgers and dogs, with picnic style side dishes, set up graduation open house style, in the grooms dad's garage and accompanying canopys.
       While the bride did wear a really nice dress, I told her that I was disappointed she hadn't wore her wedding dress. She said that she had debated it...   The groom did wear his white shirt and blue tie.  They were so cute to watch. They both get rather embarrassed easily... The grooms dad had prepared a kind of short little talk about Biblical principles to keep in mind in a marriage. But he had the couple standing up front while he gave it, and it was obvious they weren't comfortable being watched like that. It was cute!

       While the menu was picnic theme, they did have blue and white decorations about, and they did have a real wedding cake. :-)  Man were they nervous and cute feeding that to one another! ;-p

      The grooms dad is a master gardener. Seriously so. In-fact, this now past Saturday, he was hosting Michigan Hosta Gardeners Show, on their well planted, fully labeled, weaving paths gardens.
      So it seemed fitting that the 'favors' the couple handed out to their guests were decorated little flower pots. No, they didn't contain hostas, they contained adorable little flowers. The sides of the pots had fabric style white daisy's glued on them (tiny silk ones had been scattered down the tables).
     The flower pots were just so-o cute!  I of course wanted a pink flowered one. As did Brian and Benson, or so they were told. o;-p.
     Seeings how the little clay pots the flowers were in had small holes in the bottom, I sat the three of them in a container in my kitchen window and added a small amount of water to it.

     Aren't they cute?!?!!!!!!
     Oh the smiles they have given me, seeing them sitting there like that. Even at midnight. But that is in an upcoming posting ....
     They probably should be replanted outside .... but I'm not willing yet to move them from such easy and continual viewing ...

     Jason and Lyndsey, Thanks for letting us make your list! We enjoyed ourselves. And we were thrilled to see the obvious love shining out of your eyes for one another. Work at keeping it there!

     Don and Pam, we like your new daughter-in-love. And it was GREAT seeing you two that day too!

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