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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

this isn't going right ....

   Recently I read a posting another blogger had written. The name of the posting was '10 Things I Hate About Your Blog'. The name of the blog the posting was on is 'Hope Studios', and the blog owners name is Jennifer. Jennifer made some very valid points in her posting. This is the comment I had left her:
   "Hi Jennifer :-)
  Thanks for being brave (bold?) enough to say some of the ten things out loud. ;-)
   I stumbled upon your blog due to you hosting a 'theme day' and a project I am currently (or should that be again?) working on. You'll get more info about that later. o:->
   I STRONGLY agree with points 3, 4 and 5.
   Personally, I'm working on being better about #8.
   And then there is #10. The reason that this one bothers me so, could be due to me being an organized person at heart. I word it that way, due to having four sons and a husband who are not - thus my home does not always show full proof of my hearts ways. ;-p
   Like others mentioned, buttons galore and mass amounts of advertising frustrate me. The old "K.I.S.S." always comes to mind - "Keep It Simple Stupid" (or for us stupids - either way.)
   Two challenges I found while browsing your site -
1- I could NOT find a way to directly contact you via email (this too pertains to what I'm working on with 'theme days').
2 - You have no easy way to return to your 'home' page. Or at least, not that I found. It definitely could be this users error...
   For those other commenter's who commented about 'grammar errors'. While I totally get their point, I beg them to not hate those of us who try ever so hard, but sadly disappointed their mother's, who themselves were English majors. o:->
   Okay Jen, I am going to be brave and ask you to visit my blog. NO, I don't expect you to want to become a 'follower'. ;-p Nor do I have any 'give-a-way's' going on. Sorry. But I would like for your honest opinion on what you find there. Like I said, my requesting this is a brave step for me. ...
   Thanks for at least considering my request,"

  She did. And she sent me the changes she recommended. I thought them over and then sent this to some of my friends,
   Title: "requesting YOUR in put as well (please!)"
   Note: "At the bottom is the comment I left on a posting this blogger did titled "10 things I hate about your blog".   I then got brave(?) and requested that she critique ours. She did.  I am now asking for your in put. both about our blog. And about what she had to say. Why? Because you are a regular visitor to our blog, while she was probably a one time stopper-byer. So I'd like to weigh her in put against yours.
  Cheryl B.
The Bz House That Love Built"

  Four of the friends I sent it to, did reply yesterday.
  So I did some more thinking.
   Then I decided to be brave and go make some changes on our blog.
  Let me just say that that is turning out to have sounded much easier than it's working out to be. MERCY!!!
   I helped Byron set this site up in the first place.
   Every time it has been 'redecorated', I have been the one to do it.
   But can I currently get it a way that I am happy with?  Nope!  Wish they had a 'go back button'. I did like the way it was. .... Just thought I could tweak it here and there and improve it a tish ... (insert eye roll here).
   So, I am going to be spending some time working on the overall appearance of our blog today, instead of down loading pictures from Analyse's 2nd birthday party and figuring out which part of it I am going to post about first. 8-/.
   Yes, I'm grumbling. Sorry. But thought I should warn you that if your visiting our blog today, do NOT base your decision on our blog on what you see here today, cuz it's highly likely it will be changed before I've reached the 'satisfied stage' again.  Thanks!

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