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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Smile producers this morning -

     Those of you whom personally know me, know that I am more of a 'country girl' at heart. True, except for one year of my adult life, I have always lived in the city. That is due to where the Lord has placed us. The true inner me, is not a 'city girl'!
     Just to make sure you understand, I would like to expound on something for a minute here. When I say I'm a 'country girl', I do NOT mean the cutesie country decorating style that was oh so popular for awhile. (Actually it still is to some people. Why not? If you like something, stick with it. Your home is suppose to be YOUR comfort zone.) What I am referring to, means the area where there isn't a MickyD's with in a five minute drive. And if you find that your out of something, you have two choices - borrow it from a neighbor, or come up with plan 'B', cause there's no such thing as a quick run to the store.
      I clearly remember one time in particular, when Robin P. and I were out on one of our "therapy days". She was driving, and had chosen the back roads option to get us to where we were headed. The girl knows me! ;->  After we had been riding along for a bit, she looked over and commented about how relaxed I always get just riding through the country side. She then went on and questioned why I hadn't married a farmer. I had out right laughed, and then answered that I'd done the silly thing and married for love. ;-p
     I do find it amusing, that while the Lord currently has us living in the city, this round He did put us in an old farm house. It was the original farm house for this area, and a couple of miles out from the actual city in it's day. Our indoor bathroom and the kitchen were added on in the 20's, when most of the big houses around us were built. And our big 'ole two story garage, really had been the carriage barn.

     Now that you know all of that about me, you'll understand why, while doing some more of my 'detective work' this morning, for blogs whom host link-up parties, I was ever so thrilled (literally!) when I found one titled 'Barn Charm'. :-D!!!
     'Barn Charm' is a party held on Monday's. It's hostess is Tricia, from 'Bluff Area Daily'   (http://bluffareadaily.blogspot.com/). Tricia states, "Can't wait to see your barns this week.". Oh my goodness. How cool is that?!!
     I scrolled down through the pictures linked up last week, smiling ear to ear while doing so. Sigh. Now anytime I just need a smile, I can go to 'Amy's Creative Side' (http://amyscreativeside.com/) and look at the pictures of all of the quilts linked up to her twice yearly parties. Or I can go to Tricia's 'Bluff Area Daily' and look at barns. Nice!
      Yes, there's other things available out there too.... these two are just what's warming my heart and smile this morning. Them and the sunshine coming through my window. ;->

     A few years ago, I had found this picture on line and used it as a back ground for our previous blog. I thought I'd include it here, seeings how I'm posting about barns and it's this close to the 4th of July. ;->
                                   (I had found it on line HERE)

  So,  what's bringing smiles to your face this morning?

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  1. How fun! Many years ago I wanted to live in a barn so bad!

    Well, my friend and I crashed the youth group tonight because they were making rootbeer floats! That brought a smile to my face and it's always fun to see and talk with the kids (and my own kids go there too, of course).


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