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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Our 'sign' worked! :->

   In THIS posting, I had mentioned how our neighbors had workmen working at their house. Very early Monday morning of last week, the neighbors had left. Very shortly thereafter, workmen started arriving. I'm talking arriving before 7 a.m. And they started right in pounding and talking loudly. Grumble, grumble, but tolerable.
    The neighbors were gone all week, and the workmen were there every single day. From 6:30 a.m. till usually 10p.m. or later. One day they installed all new windows. They kept working on the inside of the house by their driveway side door. And on their garage. Not sure what all they were doing.
   They had roped off the front yard and put hand made signs up, warning about lead. Yet we never saw any workers wearing masks, let alone the white suits and all which usually accompany lead pain removal. So we're curious about all of that. Especially since everything came down Saturday evening and the neighbors came home on Sunday. But then after they (the neighbors) left Monday morning, the workers again arrived, put the ribbons, etc.up, and went back to work. Before they left that afternoon, everything came down. And then went back up when they returned the next morning. In the in between time, the neighbors had been home for the evening and night. And thus it has continued on this week. I tell you, it's quite perplexing!
     During all of the work over there, the workers put new siding on the garage. We think that might be where all of our mice came from. A couple of weeks ago they had had the garage roofed. Now it's sided. In the mean time, we think it's occupants (mice) left there and moved in here. I'll be telling you more about all of that soon. (I showed our trapping technique HERE)
    But back to all of the work men.
    The first two days they were there, the temp's were in HIGH numbers, and so were the humidity levels. (So glad that both dropped!). We had windows open, appreciating any cross ventilation we could get. The problem became, that either a lot of the workers smoked, or a couple of them chain smoked. There was constantly cigarette smoke wafting into our home. :-{
     As many of you know, I have allergy induced asthma. And cigarette smoke is a definite inducer for me! :-/.  Benson has a different type of challenges with his lungs. And cigarette smoke sets his off too :-/. I did NOT want to be rude, nor aggravate the workers.... but there had to be some way to get the situation changed ....
      I thought and thought about it, and then came up with a 'plan'. Don't moan! IT worked!!! :-)
      I picked a bright yellow/goldish colored piece of paper and wrote my note on it. I stuck the note inside a page protector sheet. Then using twistie ties (like come on bags of bread) I hung the note from the railing at their the end of our porch, only two feet (if that) from their driveway.
    Here's a picture:

    Like I said, it worked!! :-D !!! :->
    Even though the temps dropped and it wouldn't have been as miserable to close our windows, we didn't have to. We never smelled cigarette smoke inside the house again.
     And we must not have ticked anybody off, because the guys were very friendly when they came and asked for access to our back yard so they could do this side of the neighbors garage. And even when we would call out that we needed to let Boo out. They'd chuckle, thank us, and request that we let them know when we take him back in.
    Once the workers stop showing up every day, I'll take the sign down. But in the mean time, I'm ever so thankful that it worked!!!

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  1. Your sign should have said: "PLEASE, go to the backyard to smoke. It's too hot to close our windows and the smoke is aggravating our asthma." For the record, it is not illegal or wrong to smoke outdoors. You could have turned your air conditioning on. It seems you are so concerend with others. You judge everyone. What makes you think you are better than anyone? Seeing your son's blog you constantly post links to, you have not taught him proper grammar or hygiene. If you are such a Catholic woman, why are you defiant towards the Lord's word? Realize everyone is judging you just as harshly, and there is so much to judge and look down upon. Wake up.

  2. Dear commenter,
    It appears that via our blog, I have hit upon several of your raw nerves. I am sorry! Doing such has never been one of my goals.
    Proper grammar usage has never been one of my strong suits. I've admitted to and written about all of that before. And I am now choosing to leave it at that.
    In no way did I mean to imply, that the workers were in any way wrong for choosing to smoke. Nor did I mean to imply, that they were wrong for where they had chosen to smoke.
    Turning our air conditioning on was not an option, seeings how we don't have air conditioning.
    I do not view myself as better than everyone. I am sorry that I have come across as though I do. And I am well aware that many others judge me. Well aware indeed!
    As for the son of ours who also has a blog. He is not perfect. Nor have I ever claimed that he is. But he is my son. And I LOVE him! Dearly!! As I sincerely hope you own mother does you (whether you be her son, or her daughter). Honest! I have come across many blogs which promote links to other blogs, belonging to their relatives. We love the person behind the linked to blog, and we hope that others will learn to at least like them too.
    Only for the sake of keeping the record straight, do I correct the point of my being a "Catholic women". Yes, I am a women. But I am not "Catholic". However, being labeled such does not offend me. See, to us, 'Christianity' is not about wearing a particular label. Nor is it necessarily about which body of believers one gathers with. It is about a way of life. One that I continually strive to get better at. One which does involve searching the Lord's word and striving to adhere to. I do not always succeed, but I do strive on. And shall continue to do so.
    I also strive to shine forth the Lord's love. I see by your comments, that this is an area I need to work harder at. I shall strive to do just exactly that!
    I am curious as to why you continue to read my blog, seeings how you do not seem to want to become cyber friends with me. But I have no way of learning more about you, seeings how you did not leave us your name, nor were we able to click on the handle you used and follow it back to either your google or some other such page, or your own blog.
    There are thousands of blogs available through cyber space. I sincerely hope that you are able to find one to read on a frequent basis, which does not affect you in the negative manner which our blog appears to have done / be doing. Why do I say such? Because like many other bloggers I have encountered, I would hope that your blog surfing time brings you smiles, encouragement and enjoyment. There really is much to smile about in life. May today bring an abundance of them your way.

    Cheryl B.

  3. Hey, was that our old house? It must have been. Lead?! Yikes! Maybe I shouldn't have eaten all those paint chips. :-)



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