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Monday, June 20, 2011

Good for you AND good tasting?

   Ann Marie and Alisha from 'Get Buttoned Up', had inquired if I would be interested in doing another product review for one of their patrons. My reply had been, "Sure. Why not."  The package had arrived the day that we were leaving for our grand daughter's 2nd birthday party, so I had nicely tucked it away.
    You guessed it, out of sight is out of mind. But as we know, the Lord does work in mysterious ways. The other evening, Brian was out at church seeing to some of his janitorial duties, we planned on eating whenever it was he got done and got home. But in the mean time, I got hungry. I never know just how long things are going to take him. I didn't want to fix too much to eat, but not eating is not a good option for me either. So I went browsing. There wasn't many options... or at least not that sound appealing. Hum mmm. "But I really need to eat something!" As I was walking back out of the kitchen, planning to think on it for a bit, the Lord directed my eyes to that nicely tucked away box. "Okay then, I guess I'll try those."
     I hadn't even opened the box the day it arrived, so I really had no idea what type of nutrition bars they were going to be. In my heart, I was hoping they weren't almond flavored, or mixed berries, or some other such flavor that I don't care for. Therefore, I opened the box with a bit of skepticism.  See, way to often, the above mentioned ARE what 'good for you' bars are made out of. That, combined with the fact that my experience has been, that the better they are for you, the drier, or blander, or just plain blahzay they are. But I did needed to eat something. And I had agreed to doing the review. And the Lord had brought the box to my attention. So open it I did. this is what I found.

     And then I smiled. 'yup Lord, yet again you have looked out for me'. They had sent me six bars. Three of one flavor, and three of another. And the flavors? 
                         (you can click on picture to see it clearer/better)
     Chocolate Fudge  and Peanut Butter Chocolate  - both things I like!  :->

     So I ate one that night. And another one a couple of days later, when a similar situation occurred. And thus far, I've eaten half of them. Two of one type, one of the other.
     My opinion?
     Surprisingly, pretty good! To the point that when the situation had happened the second time, my stomach gladly brought the bars to mind. ;-p.
     Both are chocolate coated. Personally, I think it's a bit flat tasting as chocolate goes, then again, I'm such a fan of the chocolate chips that come in those yellow bags.... yeah. o;-p  The peanut butter too was a bit flater tasting than my favorite brand (with the red label) is. But that having been said, while the flavors were a bit flat tasting, they honestly were not bad. I was not tempted to try salting them or anything. o;-p. And they aren't all dry like! A wonderful surprise!
      And to be completely honest, last night when Brian questioned if I would continue to eat them if he was to buy them at a store for me, my answer was yes. To continue with the honest part - he was considerably surprised.
     See, unlike him, I do like oats in things. And I do like peanut butter. And peanuts. And lots of other things, which they sometimes blend into what they dub as nutrition bars. And yet the majority of the time, I just do not care for the texture or the taste of the bars themselves. And I have yet to conquer eating something based solely on the fact that it's good for me, when I do NOT like the taste nor the texture of it. I could site examples, but this posting is about the Promax (TM) Bars.  o;-p!

     So, would I recommend that you too try them?  YES!
     More honesty here - I had originally figured I'd try a bite of whatever kinds they sent me, and then let Brian eat them. He's been being a good boy about eating such things, and he's been losing weight. Quite a bit actually! ( :-D) But after trying these, I'll let him buy some more of them for me. o;-b

    Let's see - my posting was suppose to cover a couple of different things.
       -  My opinion / review of the product. check.
       -  I am suppose to encourage people to enter the DOer Promax Contest. All-righty then.

       The name of their current contest is:
       The contest is currently up and running and you only have until June 30th to enter. Now, don't think, 'that's not very long' and shrug it off!!!  Why not?  First of all, wouldn't it be fun to create an ad that would be used in a companies promo?  Secondly, it's quite the prize package they have lined up for the winner! And if you personally aren't interest in it, I have a son (or two...) that would be thrilled to go on the adventure on your behalf! ;-b! (IF the prize is transferable that is.)

     So how do you enter?  Glad ya asked!
   Here's a link to the contest page - www.facebook.com/promaxnutrition
   You then use the 'Next DOer tab' to go build your own ad.
   To submit an ad, you must upload an action photo of yourself and fill in the blanks (in a mad-lib format) for your own "run-on" sentence to be populated into an ad.
    The entry will then post on Pormax's web site, where views can leave comments and share links with friends via Facebook and Twitter.
   The links are available for public viewing here -->

     AFTER June 30th, Promax will have an expert panel of judges select the top 20 entries. Voting will take place July 11 - 25th, 2011.

      And what is the prize package?
      "The winner will be featured in the 2012 "DOer" campaign and will win a 6-day action pack adventure weekend for two to Kauai, Hawaii. The winner will also receive a year's supply of Promax bars."
       The winner will be announced in August 2011.

     And now for some of the nutritional information about the bars -
     They are low sugar protein bars. They contain 18 grams of replenishing protein, 14 grams of fiber, only 9 grams of sugar, and is naturally sweetened with stevia (a plant that contains zero calories).
     They do NOT contain preservatives, any artificial sweeteners, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, gelatin or maltitol.
     They ARE gluten free, Kosher and vegetarian.
      For more on this part, visit the PromaxLS section of the Promax Nutrition website:

(I am very confused as to why no matter what i do, the text herein is showing up in various sizes. SORRY!) 
~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *~ * ~ * ~ * ~
"For the Record"  Disclosure :
    Yes, We are being paid / compensated for doing this particular posting.
    First off, the nutrition bars were shipped to us completely free of charge. :-)
    Secondly, once this is posted, and they verify that it is, they will send our payment to us right away.
   Nice, huh?  ;-)

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