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Friday, June 3, 2011

A couple of quick tips -

   Tomarrow is our grand daughters second birthday :-D!!!  I now have several projects completed and even took pictures to add to the postings I'll be doing about them. ;->
    But in the mean time, I thought I would share a couple of 'hopefully useful tips'. You'll understand the 'why I'm posting them now', as you read them. :-p

  First 'hopefully useful tip' -
     When your applying glue to the back sides of letters, which you have cut out of paper and intend to apply to a block of the banner, double check WHICH side of the paper you should be applying the glue to.
    See, with both the letters 'H' and 'A', it didn't make any difference which side of the paper the glue went on, because those two letters look the same from the front as they do from the back. However, it matters on the letter 'P'. 8-/  Bother!
    Brian, thanks again for so graciously running off another 'P' for me to use.

  Second 'hopefully useful tip' -
     After you have filled all of the little cup cake papers with batter, and you lift the dozen sized filled pan up, to turn and put it in the oven, make SURE that the half dozen sixed pan isin't hiding sideways underneath the middle of the dozen size pan. Because if it is, it will startle you something fierce as it drops free en-route to the oven.
   YOU didn't know it was any-wheres around, so as something brushes a couple of your fingers and then makes a huge commotion hitting the floor, you have all you can do to keep a-hold of the dozen sized filled pan AND keep it upright. 8-/ Mercy! And then your trying to figure out where the darn thing landed so you don't trip on it. Goodness!

  Those, my friends, are the couple of 'hopefully useful tips' I thought I should share with you today. I just never know who might find such information handy. o;-p

   And for the record, Yes, I AM still wondering about myself. o;-b

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