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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Analyse's 2nd birthday - Part 4 - fun pictures from the party

     As you know, I'm just a 'bit' fond of our grand daughter. ;-p. As is her grandpa. And her uncles. And her "auntie"-to-be. And her other grandma. And her other 'aunties'. And .... 
     All of us just think that she is, adorable, impy, and loads of fun! So do her parents. Well, most of the time any ways. ;-b. But they definitely think she is a blessing!
     So we of course encourage who ever has the camera, to take lots of pictures of her. Aw the smiles they produce. Aw the wonderful memories connected to them!
     In this posting, I am going to be sharing a bunch of the pictures of her, from the weekend we were there for her 2nd birthday party. Don't worry. I haven't forgotten that other people were there as well. o;-p  And yes, I've included some fun pictures of some of them as well.
    I hope that you too get smiles from viewing these.

    First up - just a picture of her.  Don't you agree she's adorable

     Secondly - Like I made mention of in earlier postings, before the party started, she spent some time in grandpa's van, pretending that she was driving Uncle Benson someplace. She also found grandpa's stashed away bag of chips and nutrition bar. ;-p.  This is a picture of her attempting to program the 'Tom-Tom' which had captured her interest. Grandpa predicts that she'll get the hang of all of it's functions quicker than he does.
      Third up - a group shot of the Sesame Street Character Boards that I had made to be parts of her banners.

      Fourthly - I had also mentioned that we had been hit by a sudden down pour. Literally! Just after the official party starting time. It didn't start as sprinkles and then slowly build. It was sprinkle, sprinkle, POURING RAIN!!!
       The guys had already started cooking the burgers and hot dogs. On a charcoal grill. Yup.
       Here is the quick improvising cover Byron and Brent created.
        My guys gathered around a grill - who would have thought?  o;-p
        In an earlier posting, I had showed you a picture of Analyse (pronounced Auna-lease) happily playing in the rain. This however, is her reaction to the wind suddenly shifting the canopy/tent a bunch of us were under, and sending all of the rain off of it's roof down on her, in one big COLD splash.
      The one side of the tent can be down as a wall, or out as a canopy. We had it out, extending the dry space area out to the other canopy we had brought (and set up ever so quickly! The first one had already been set up for the food table.). We learned (it was our first time using this tent, which I told you about us getting back in THIS posting) that while the wall out as a canopy is very handy in certain situations, it does collect rain. Especially when it's POURING. So the guys kept an eye on it and tried to move the water off the side of it without any problems.
        As you've probably guessed, that process didn't always work out quite right. At one point Benson was slowly and carefully moving the collected pool to the side, when instantaneously, of it's own accord, the water chose to change direction and in one ever so fast swoosh, dumped itself a different direction over an end. The end that Byron and Cyndi's friend Joe was sitting directly underneath. Oh my gosh! It was hysterical!! At least for those of us who say the whole thing play out. We could not decide who's face wore the more shocked expression - Joe's for suddenly having extremely cold water dumped on him (he was sitting in a chair), or Benson's, because he could not believe what had just happened!
        We thought Joe's shirt was WONDERFUL! and were ready to rush out and buy one for Brian, only to learn that Joe had gotten it at such and such mission store for 50 cents. What a find!

       Fifthly - Another of Byron and Cyndi's friend is Morgan. Morgan currently lives with her grandmother, who was also there. What really struck me, was how much Morgan's mother looked, sounded, and sometimes even acted, like the grandma on the TV sit-com - 'George Lopez'.
       Benson captured a wonderful picture of Morgan and her grandma -

       Sixthly - (hey, spell check says that is a word. ;-p) What's a Birthday party with out presents?

         And then there was the gift that Uncle "Bubba" (aka: Brandon. She calls him "Bubba", probably due to him calling Boo that) sent (he had to work that weekend - both jobs, plus still helping at the state track meet.)
         He picked it up barely used. I wish I could show you the beam that lit her face when they carried it out. PRICELESS!!!!!
         The next day, she drug it over and demanded that somebody help her start it. Her little thumb still had problems holding the button down. Bet that changes and soon!

          Grandpa and I haven't given her this years gifts yet. We plan on taking them when we go after her sibling is born in a few weeks. You'll understand why, when I finally do post about them. ;->

     Number seven - we had stayed for an additional couple of days. :-D
             We got to watch her play in her pool -
              and play with grandpa -
             (at the party grandpa had shared his hot dog with her)
             and play with her 'dollies' -
        This concludes part 4 - Analyse's 2nd Birthday - fun pictures from the party.
         Part 1 had been - the banner.
         Part 2 was the Cookie Monster(R) cupcakes
         and Part 3 was the food we took
          I'm hoping that Byron and Cyndi are going to post Parts 5 + 6 on their blog.
                 Part 5 - the Character's that Cyndi hand drew
                 Part 6 - the cake they made
          If and when they do, we'll link you up to them!
                (There is a link to their site down our blogs side bar.)

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  1. She is absolutely beautiful...and you, as a grandmother, can brag all you want to. I sure do. :))...and talk about blessings, I have 7 little grandgirls that aren't so little anymore. Oh, and 1 little tiny great-grandgirl...:))


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