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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So, about that name ...

   You know how I  told you that the name they had picked out for our soon-to-be-born grandson, was going to be 'Toby James' ?

    It was. Going to be that is.  But then Cyndi liked this other name, and then,  and ....

   When Byron was apologetically telling me all of this, I laughed. Yes, right out loud. Told him not to worry about it till the baby is born (mid-July). They then must make a final decision in two days time, so they can sign a birth certificate. But mid-July is a ways away yet. 

   Currently Cyndi is favoring Eliot James. I really like that choice! It's sort of a 'proper sounding name' like we had gone with for our own sons.
    But if they decide to go with something different, I'll be okay with it.  It is after all their kid, so they get to pick the name. :-)

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