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Friday, April 22, 2011

just us, hanging together

        [this picture is of Cyndi enjoying a good laugh during the shower ;-) ]
      Yesterday I told you about the baby shower / come visit time we had last weekend, for Byron, Cyndi and Analyse. We had rented our church's lodge for it. For church members, the cost is extremely minimal. But it gets even better. It is less expensive to rent it for a whole day, then to just rent it for three hours, so we did!
   Brandon had got his work schedule switched around so that he had it off, and after all of the party guests left, the nine(9) [actually, ten (10) if you count Boo ;-p] of us stayed at the lodge. It was such a relaxed atmosphere, low key, nice evening. :->
   I claimed one full sized couch and crashed. Sigh. It felt good. For awhile my eyes were closed, relaxing them and slowing the dizzies. That is, except when Boo would wander over and stick his nose in my face. Or when Analyse came over to show me her new baby, or a balloon, or just to touch grandma and say "Hi!". Bliss, I tell you!  :->
   We had brought along small sub buns and the fixin's for sub sandwiches, plus there were still  foods from the party left. Everybody could munch as much as they wanted. And Analyse wanted to! She could easily reach up onto the serving table, and if she stood on tip toe, she could even see what it was she was reaching for. Seeings how what she was reaching for was fruit, or carrots, and occasionally a cracker, we just watched her in amusement. She made no pretense of being sneaky about it. In-fact, most of the time she would proudly show off what she had taken. So-o cute!
    Here's a picture of her cuteness just because  ;->

   The "boys" were all excited about what their entertainment for the evening was going to be. Originally it was going to be a video game play-off, but then Byron and Cyndi brought along the WII  they had gotten with what was left of their tax money, after certain debts were paid off.
    It was so-o fun to hear the bantering and laughter of our four "boys" playing together again!!!
    It was also fun to watch their antics. The concentrated faces each of them still makes. The silence of concentration being pierced by excited victory, or the gaff of 'how did that happen?!??'  Even though their motions often sat the waves inside of me reeling, they were so fun to watch. Brian must have thought so to, because amidst his putter-in at taking care of everything in the kitchen, he'd wander in to watch their antics for a bit, he usually left shaking his head in amusement.
   Yes, the 'girls' (Cyndi and Kayla) got turns too. Cyndi seemed to want to more than Kayla. In-fact, one time Byron went into the kitchen to get food and Cyndi took up his controller. ;-p A different time, Brandon had.
   I have no idea what this game was, but they sure did enjoy doing it!
    Once everything was packed up, the floors vacuumed and swept, etc. we were all ready to watch the new Elmo (TM) DVD grandpa had bought for Analyse and go to bed ourselves. ;-p

    Lord, THANK-YOU for the good time we can still have, just being our little family. What a blessing!!!!!

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