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Friday, April 1, 2011

Hello again, Hello

    That opening sets me right off into one of Neil Diamonds songs ... sure do wish that I could figure out where in this house those CD's are hiding, or who we loaned the set out to!!!
    hi :-> 
    Yes, I'm aware that I haven't posted in about a week
    No, I haven't changed my mind about blogging. [Quite the opposite in-fact]
    Yes, I'm okay. Nothing majorly wrong.
    What's been going on you ask?
    How long ya got? o;-p
    Okay, I'll give you the not super short version, but not the every detailed version either.

    About my vertigo and progress on it. Yes, the new specialists is indeed making progress on the neck and back due to the one type of it I had. Learned I had two different types. The crystals in the inner ear caused type, as well as the type due to C1 and C2 being smashed together and off kilter, while also having the brain stem caught between them.
   Progress involves pain. A fan of the progress. NOT a fan of the pain involved.
   Still wearing the neck brace 90% of the time. Gotten rather used to it.
   No, he won't lift most of my 'restrictions' yet. As in, still "no" to dishes, and doing laundry, and vacuuming (even when sitting on the steps), and only occasional cooking or baking, a-n-d ...
   Why? Due to the way you tilt your neck, and the muscles in the shoulder area you use, etc..  While I have made progress, I'm still far to susceptible to set backs. There have been a couple.
   Can we switch subjects?

   What have I been doing this week?
   The normal two visits a week to the specialist.

   I decided that I wanted to craftily make the invites to something we are going to be hosting soon. I went through what materials I had on hand, and came up with what I felt was a very cute invite. I also thought that while it was multi-stepped, it was an easy-peasy style.
   It was. They did turn out cute. But oh the challenges I ran into while attempting to make them as 'Ms. Vertigo', compared to when I had previously taken on such tasks. Goodness! Things such as keeping straight lines straight. And only being able to focus for short amounts of time. And ...
   But they are all done, and yesterday Brent mailed them out for me (THANKS again Brent!)

   And one day, my 'chauffeur' Amy took me price gathering. We have been asked to make certain types of salad sandwiches for an upcoming 50th wedding anniversary of some people we know. The askee wanted a price quote. With as foggy as my brain gets, combined with how little shopping I've personally done in the last year and a half...  we went gathering prices for the involved ingredients. And we did some comparison pricing. We went to both Sam's Club and GFS. Was surprised by some of the findings. Things have definitely changed!
   Was also surprised with how much turning, etc. that involved and how quickly I became dizzy. I am so-o blessed to have Amy as a friend and a willing chauffeur!!! THANKS Amy!!!

   One evening I went out to dinner with another neighbor/friend. Elizabeth P.. God's work in her heart and life is so-o amazing. She is NOT the same person who moved into that house, what, fifteen years ago?  She is also most definitely not the same person whom moved south about a year ago. Oh am I enjoying the new Elizabeth P.!!! Thank-you Lord for allowing me to see the answer to some of my prayers!! Elizabeth, I too am cherishing your friendship and am looking forward to doing things together far more often!

   Your right, what I've done this week doesn't sound like much. Funny how much it was, for me, in this condition. I AM thankful for the progress that has been made. I am striving hard to be content with where I'm at. And I'm thourally enjoying the spirit lifting sunshine we've been experiencing.

   HOPEFULLY, next week I will get back to somewhat regular blogging. In the mean time, I need to go finish making the "Life File" for my nieces "family" baby shower tomarrow. And combine all of the ingredients prices to come up with a quote for those salad sandwiches. And ...

   So, that's what's up with me.
   N-o-w, what's been up with you?!!!

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