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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Easter Snowman

   I slept in till 9:00 this morning. After visiting the bathroom, I walked across the kitchen to the fridge to fix myself a glass of orange juice. As I was starting to pull the O.J. out, my mind thought, "It's still coming down out there".  It immediately then registered "W-H-A-T?!?!!!".  I turned and looked out the window and then out loud voiced the thought, "OH MY GOSH!!".
   The "it" that was coming down, was white flaky precipitation (aka: snow). I walked over to the window to get a better look-see. We had about an inch of it. Everywhere except on the sidewalks, or the grass under the pop-up tent set up in the back yard. The rest of the grass, was covered. The vehicles parked along the alley, covered. The roof of the garage, covered. Goodness.
    I remember many an Easter here in Michigan, when we had fresh snow. But I had 'thought' they had always been when Easter had come early - in late March or early April. But Easter is coming late this year, and yet it very well could be a white one. 8-/

    A couple of hours later, as we were out loading the out of state kids up in their car  to head out again (yes, they were here this weekend :->!!!!!!!!!!  Postings about that soon ;-) ), I noticed the house directly across the street from us had a snowman in their front yard, sort of leaning against their lamp post. It was wearing sun glasses and a cap. I pointed it out to everybody.
   Then I started chuckling due to the 'prank' which had popped into my mind. I shared the idea with Benson and he not only liked it, but agreed to help me implement it.
    I went upstairs and got out the pink bunny ears, as well as some bright colored plastic Easter eggs. I came down stairs and nabbed the Christmas fabric lined basket Joanna T. had given me this year. I put a couple of wadded up plastic bags in the bottom of the basket and sat the eggs in on top.
    Benson then set off to change the snowman into the Easter Bunny Snow Man. Off came the green cap, on went the ears. The basket did hang from their limb arm (;->) . After coming back across the street, he took some pictures for me. I keep looking out the window and smiling hugely. He voiced that he didn't think you were suppose to enjoy your own prank for that long. I disagree. To the point that I decided to blog about it, thus making it a long term memory. ;-p Besides, I figured a bunch of you might enjoy the chuckle too. ;->

                         Merry Easter Everybody  0:-D


  1. Elizabeth P., Joanna T., Marci Lynn D. and Rebekah Bolh. all clicked "Like" to the link to this on Face-book. :-)

    Joanna had also left this comment, "Lol I love it :)"

  2. Elizabeth B. had replied to the emailed posting with "like!".

  3. this came in an email from the neighbor - "Hi Cheryl,

    I personally loved the easter prank. Although Mr. snowman's passion for easter is probably what brought his end. Oh well, if you can't stand the heat, get out of Spring.

    Thanks for the giggles and for letting me know who was behind the prank.

    Liz "


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