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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Cute Doggie Tales ;->

    Brent and Kayla had brought Daisy over for most of the day a week ago Saturday. None of us can say which of the two dogs gets the most excited upon seeing the other - Boo or Daisy. There had originally been some concern about their getting along, due to their size difference. The totally comical part is, while Boo is a good sized dog, he thinks he is a small lap dog; and while Daisy can easily curl into your lap, she thinks she is big and tough. So watching the two of them interact together, can be very comical!!!
     A couple of different things happened that particular Sunday which I found ever so amusing.
    Story #1 -  Brent and Kayla had decided they were going to watch a movie in the living room. I was in on the computer. The others were scattered around the house. Kayla had fallen asleep before the movie had even actually started, and when I had glanced in a bit later, Brent was struggling to stay awake.
    A while later Boo came in urgently wanting to be let out. I was rather curious about his urgency. Usually he lets me know, and if I don't respond quickly enough, comes back and reminds me. But that time he was most urgent in his notifying me.
    As I stood and turned towards the dining room, I spotted Ms. Daisy. She was under the dining room table, sniffing, then starting to squat, then with a glance towards Boo she'd move and sniff someplace else, then again start to squat. I caught onto Boo's urgency! Especially once I entered the kitchen. There I found a good size puddle. Big brother Boo knew that peeing in the kitchen wasn't good, but pooping on the carpeting in the dining room would be disastrous!!!
   I hastily called Daisy and ushered them both out the back door, thanking Boo for being such a good big brother and letting me know!!! :->

   (Story #2 - )I went to the bathroom, got a drink, etc., when suddenly Ms. Daisy started barking for all she was worth. She seldom barks. What in the world?!?  I listened closer, Boo was not making a sound, what was he doing to her?!!!
   I walked over and put the shade up on the side porch window. Boo was sitting on the top porch step, craning his neck looking back and forth trying to figure out what it was that Ms. Daisy was barking so furiously at the side fence gate about.
   He had heard me open the shade. He quickly glanced at me and then went back to trying to figure out what she was barking about. A minute latter, he looks back at me and I swear that dog shrugged his shoulders!!! ;-p!! He had no clue what all of her commotion was about! Comical!!!

   Story # 3 - It was cold and wet here this now past Sunday. A v-e-r-y cold rain! Boo does not like rain. Period. Daisy on the other hand didn't seem to mind it in the least. She'd go scooting out every chance she got, sniffing every inch of our back yard. I figured, let her. I had no idea just how cold her paws were getting.
    Boo has always had a cold nose. To the degree that when he touches you with it, it will chill your bones. But I've never really noticed him having cold paws. At one point after coming back in Sunday afternoon, Daisy jumped up to snuggle between Kayla and I on one of the little couches. I had bare feet. And I was sitting with one of my feet tucked up underneath me. Suddenly, in a split instant, my foot was froze!! All due to Daisy resting her ever so cold paw on my bare foot. Oh my goodness was her paw cold!!! Silly dog.
    (Maybe I can sneak out behind Benson while they go get the stuff out of the vehicle.)
   Story #4 - At one point Sunday afternoon Daisy was jumping at the back door, she needed out to go potty. At that point in time, it was both hailing and sleeting outside. She darted out the door and down the first step, only to come to a screeching halt. In the mean time, Boo had taken one look out and sat himself down in the door frame. ;-p Daisy backed up and shook her head, not only to shake off the wetness, but as though she was questioning what in the world that stuff was, and where it had come from. So-o cute. But she HAD to pee, so she timidly ventured forth again, then again, then... I left the door propped open and went back in. She must have eventually done so, because we never found any puddles. Boo on the other hand held his for several hours. HE was not venturing out in that stuff! The wisdom of age. ;-)
     I've been trying to get good pictures of them playing. Seems that being Ms. Vertigo and quickly playing moving dogs is not a good picture getting combination - even with the camera on the sports setting. I went ahead and shared a couple anyways. Just because.

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