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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Two Analyse Stories ;->

# 1 -  When Byron answered my phone call last week Thursday, he had said that he could only talk for a couple of minutes, because the episode was almost done and then he had to put her down for her nap. While Ms. Analyse still enjoys 'Yo Gabba Gabba', she has switched her number one fan choice to 'Elmo'. Big time! Oh my goodness! To help themselves survive her wild fan craze (;-p), they have set things so that she gets to watch one episode of him before nap time, and another before she goes to bed at night.
    I had no problems with a quick conversation.
    As Byron was saying, "o-kay, I gotta go, there's the credits" he is suddenly declaring "OH MY GOSH!" and then "Cyn-di....you won't believe what your daughter just did!!!" And then "Little girl, you are too smart for your age!".
     I was ever so curious, as I'm sure you are now. What in the world had Analyse done this time?
     Immediately upon the ending of the running of the credits, she had walked over, pushed the "OK" button on the remote, which had then restarted the episode. What an imp!!! o;-p!  Mind you folks, she'll not be two (2) till June.
     I decided I had best let him go. Don't know if they allowed her to watch it again or not. But the fact that she's figured out how to, is crazy funny!

# 2 - On Tuesday of this week, Byron had called to tell me about another thing she had just done. She was standing pointing up at the freezer, telling them she wanted a popsicle. Cyndi had said "no, you can't have popsicles with out a bib". She had whined, then turned and walked into her room. She came back out trying to put her bib on. She got her popsicle. ;-p

Oh Ms. Analyse, you do keep us on our toes, and make us smile, sometimes all in the same moment.
   Playing with "Pappy's" (grandpa's) hat when we were at their house a couple of weeks ago. :->

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