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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Spring ???

     I got rather a chuckle while watching the weather report section of our local 10:00 news last evening. There were all kinds of weather advisories for different sections of the state of Michigan. The section we live in, was in a strip which most likely would only see "trace amounts of snow", but definitely get freezing rain, etc.. But up near camp, they could be getting a foot of new snow fall. Then there was the fact that while our current temperature was 34 degrees, my relatives whom live in the state underneath us, had a temp of 74 degrees. Just a mite different.
    Aw-w well. That is A-typical spring time here in the beautiful state of Michigan. Just because the calender says it's "Spring Time", doesn't mean that you can tell it by looking out your window. Or by the temps when you walk out the door.
    On the other hand, the trees are budding. Both Robins and Blue Jays have been spotted. And there were even little bugs flying around the back porch light late the other evening when I was letting Boo back in. So there is hope.
    There is an old spring related saying about the weather here in Michigan, which has been proven true ever so many times. It has to do with the month of March.
    "In like a Lion,   Out like a Lamb."
     IF the month of March arrives like a roaring lion, then it shall go out like a calm lamb. It's then like it's gotten all of the winter stuff out of it's system. However, that's a very big "IF"!  Very big indeed!!  Because "IF" it doesn't come in like a roaring lion, then it doesn't settle down and let spring really begin. Oh, it tempts us with signs of it, that's for sure. But it has this thing for just getting our hopes up and then letting us know that it still has some winter left in it's system that it needs to let go of, before spring can stay for good.
     But that is also why we "Michiganders" get oh so excited over spring and enjoy it immensely, once it really does arrive and settle in!!!
     While the neighbors kids don't have school today due to the icy conditions, the calender still states that it is Spring. Therefore, I went ahead and re-decorated our blog for spring. Soft spring colors. (aka: no white and browns!). And the rain in the "Seasonal Smiles" pictures, is the soft spring type of rain. You know, the kind that's okay to let your kids play in, as long as there's no lightning going on. NOT the bone chillin kind we're currently experiencing. The kind in the pictures does encourage the flowers to grow. And ...
     Go to our blog and think warmer, springy type thoughts. ;-)
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