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Friday, March 11, 2011

'Show N' Tell' :-)

    While Brian and I were out on our date last Saturday evening (which I promise I am going to tell you all about soon.  Well, at least the parts from the time we left our house till we got home again o:-p!), he bought something for me.
     No, I did NOT make him do it!
     Yes, it is something I have wanted. From the very moment that I learned it was being created.
     But I did not ask to buy it that night. We were in a book store, so I was hoping they carried it, because I REALLY wanted to have a look at it. But that is ALL I was planning on doing. HONEST!!!
     They did. (Carry it). And I did. (look at it). Grinning quite broadly the whole time!
     While I was doing that, Brian was off looking at Bible Study and Civil War themed books.
     But then he came and got me. And asked if they had had the different ones I was looking for. They had!
     "Which one do you want to get?"
    "None. Not right now at least. We'll just get the book that you came to get. That's fine."
    "WHICH book do you want?!?"
    "I absolutely love "PW's", but ...."

     He bought me "PW's" rather newly released cookbook!!!!! :-> !!! :-D !!!
                                    [click on the picture to see it better]
    "P.W." also stands for "Pioneer Women". On her blog, she posts about aspects and tales of their life. And she shows pictures she has taken. And she shares recipes. And the thing I like about her, is the fact that all of the while of doing all of this, she never puts on airs. She is extremely real. And funny! 
    [A-n-d, un-like another really popular author, cook, decorater, TV show personality out there, the majority of the time Ree (her real name) doesn't expect you to go out and buy expensive ingredients that your not even sure you've even heard of before.]
    I am ever so happy to tell you that her book is the exact same way!!! She took all but two of the pictures in it herself. And there are a lot of pictures! Some oh so simple and yet ever so beautiful pictures of their life. And her family. And her cooking. And their ranch.
   Speaking of ranch (chuckle, chuckle), there is a bit on page 11 that I just MUST share with you (you'll get the "why" ;-p).
    "As members of a working family ranch, we live and work on the land ourselves. We aren't "weekend ranchers" who moonlight as attorneys or doctors or accountants or Hollywood actors (no offense to Tom Selleck. I think that he might actually be a real rancher, too. Hi Tom! Love your 'stache.)"
    Told ya you'd "get" it. o:-p
    She tells quite a bit about their life working their ranch. She tells about how her and "Marlboro Man" met. And about what kinds of foods she use to eat, compared to what she now eats and feeds to ranch hands.
    And does she ever share some good looking recipes! I'll be honest, there are some that neither Brian nor I are interested in, due to their spicy ingredients. We'll let Kayla with her Mexican heritage try those. Or Benson, seeings how there is no way he any longer has heat sensors left on his tongue. But there are others we are looking forward to trying. And then there are a couple .... for products that I have tried and tried to master, but as of yet, for reasoning's unbeknownst to me, I've not been able to, which I am hoping ever so hard that I will be able to, by following her step by step instructions.

     Well, I've shared all of that with you and yet I've only actually read about one third of her book. But hey, 'Ms.Vertigo Girl' here has improved enough to be able to do that much! :-)

      Brian, THANK - YOU for the book!!!!!!!!!!! ;-) !!!!!!!!

      Ree, THANK -YOU for being so real. And for all of the efforts you (and the help of your family and friends) put into producing this book!!!

      The rest of you, ya really ought to get a copy of the book for yourselves!  
(We bought ours at a Barnes N' Nobles bookstore [for a lot less than I was fearing it was going to be] )

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