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Friday, March 25, 2011

Larry's Pizza

   From the start, I should let everybody know that this email is primarily aimed at people whom live near me, or who live in the state of Arkansas.

   Both Chris and Amy (our neighbors and friends) had told me about and recommended Larry's Pizza to me.
   They told me where it's located here in G.R. - the corner of Plainfield and Fuller (some of you will locate it faster in your minds, when I say it's in the old Bill Knapp's building. ;->)
   They told about lots of the different varieties of pizza the place offers. From a Regular Supreme, to a Cheeseburger (which has diced pickles amongst other items on it), to a Loaded Baked Potato one (the potatoes are cut scalloped potato style), to a Chicken Alfredo, to... . Then there's their dessert pizza's. Oh golly! I thought Kayla was going to swoon over the Peanut Butter Chocolate Chip one, which by the way is served warm. And Cyndi was so thrilled with their Bavarian Cream one (with chocolate swirled on top) that Byron bought another one for them to take home with them. But I'm getting ahead of myself.
   They told about how there is both a pizza and a salad bar buffets that you go through after being shown a table. Then, if they don't currently have something on their buffet which is featured on their menu, you can request to have it made, and they are happy to do so. But then, they don't just go put it on the buffet. No, they bring it right to your table and allow you to have as much of it as you want, before they start going table to table offering it to other patrons. Larry's refers to themselves as "The Lazy Man's Buffet". Cute!
  And Chris and Amy both also told me about how realistically priced the place was.
  As I've shared, our out-of-state kids arrived for a visit early last Fri. evening. I had already suggested to everybody that we try Larry's out that night, and they had all voted yes for it. So that's where we headed. The sad part was that Brandon had the wrong starting work time in mind, and ended up not being able to join us due to needing to be to work in twenty five minutes. But we still had nine adults and one "infant" total, since Adam was coming along as well.
  Was it realistically priced? The total (before tip) for the nine adults (Analyse is young enough we didn't need to pay for her) was $79.84.
  Was the food good? The local guys are biting at the bit wanting to go back, and we ARE going back when Byron and Cyndi are here again in a few weeks. So the answer is YES!
  Did everybody really get full? The serving size of the pieces are quite small. It looked like they bake them on maybe a 10" pan, and then slice it up small. But it's an 'all you can eat' type of place. And even after you've decided your full, they still come around tempting you with more. Benson, Brent and Adam even declared themselves stuffed, and that takes a bit to accomplish!
    It turns out that the local Larry's, is actually part of a chain of Larry's Pizza Restaurants. It's just that all of the other 'stores' are located through out the state of Arkansas. Twenty one of them there. One so far here.

   While we didn't have to pay for Analyse, they did have high chairs and kids cups available (free).
   You can order any of their pizza's to go.
   And Brian was impressed with their salad bar. It had sliced cucumbers (which I'm not sure who ate more of, Brian or Analyse), and even peas.


  1. This sounds like a place we will have to try!! Thanks for the heads up.
    Karen Grzegorski

  2. came via email from Jamie Sain. - "I have been wanting to try it out.. now I will for sure! Thanks for the tip!"

  3. came via email - "Ohhhhhh!! We are going to have to try this!! Thanks for sharing Cheryl!
    Jill" (Roed.)

  4. follow up comment from Jamie Sain. (sent on Sat. March 26th) - "We went tonight for dinner.. loved it! The bavarian cream pizza was to die for! Definently a new family fave!!"


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