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Friday, March 11, 2011

Jim-Brent? ;-p

     Another older TV show that I recently came across and set our DVR to start recording, is 'The Waltons'. The show is currently being shown on the INSP (which stands for Inspirational) channel. I found it one day while scrolling down using the 'Guide' button on our remote. I am quite sure that those of you who know me, are not at all surprised to read that I like that show.
    The other day I watched the episode where Jim-Bob got to drive Ike's motorcycle. It had all started innocently enough (as most things do with boys like Jim-Bob). Ike came off the road towards the Waltons house walking his motorcycle. "The darn thing wouldn't run anymore". He'd hoped John Sr. would be able to help him, but he wasn't ta home right then. Grandpa, Jason and Ben were positive that Ike needed Jim-Bob's help, not John Sr.'s, so they called for Jim-Bob. He came out from behind a car which he has been working on building - completely out of scrap parts he finds in his wanderings.
    Sure enough, Jim-Bob asked a couple of questions, looked the motorcycle over for less than three minutes and found the problem. The ignition wire had somehow become disconnected. Ike was so thrilled with him, that he asked Jim-Bob if he'd like to take it for a ride. You should have seen the shocked, thrilled to pieces expression that came over Jim-Bob's face!!
    Suddenly Grandpa says that he best be getting inside. "Don't ya want to see me ride it, grandpa?" "I'd like nothing more Jim-Bob, but I think it'd be best if I go inside and keep your grandma distracted so that you can enjoy your ride." To a one, they all nodded and smirked. And 'enjoy his ride' is exactly what Jim-Bob did!!! :-D
    A bit later on in the episode, while Jim-Bob and Elizabeth were in Ike's store, Ike told Jim-Bob that he was welcome to ride the motorcycle any time he wanted. "ANY time?!?" Yup, he had heard right. As you would imagine, right then and there was a good time! :-p
    Later, the family was moving the table and benches out to the front yard, to eat their dinner picnic style in the breezes. Mom started questioning where Jim-Bob was and if anybody had seen him. Ever so matter-of-factly, Elizabeth spills the news. News that neither mom nor grandma found approval with!  Mom starts reminiscing about how John-Boy had had that accident, which had broken his leg while riding a motorcycle, etc..
The males in the family are trying to stick up for Jim-Bob. They point out such things as how John-Boy is better at having his nose stuck in a book or a writing pad, where as Jim-Bob is always tinkering with some type of a mechanical thing. And reminding 'mom' how she use to complain about all of the times she had almost dropped Jim-Bob as a small boy, due to an airplane suddenly flying over and Jim-Bob craning so to see it. John-Boy had also pointed out, that the motorcycle Jim-Bob is driving is much safer than the one he was injured on, due to the fact that Ike's motorcycle had a side car attached to it.
    Soon they hear the sound of the approaching motorcycle, and then it comes around the bend and into view ... with Jim-Bob grinning ear to ear, while driving a tilted motorcycle, with the side car completely up in the air. He was ever so thrilled with his accomplishment. Mom and grandma were mortified!!!
    Later on in the episode, Jim-Bob drives the motorcycle minus it's side car, in a nearby town's motorcycle race. Before and during the race, you see all of the other family members (minus dad, who's out of town working) except 'mom'. After the family finishes congratulating Jim-Bob on being the third place winner, and Jim-Bob (who by the way, has recently been requesting to now be called 'James Robert', due to how much like a little boy 'Jim-Bob' sounds) is kissing his girlfriend, when suddenly he is being tapped on the shoulder. It's his mama. He looks quite embarrassed. She just gives him a big warm smile and congratulates 'James Robert' on his win, and yes, she had watched the whole thing. 'James Robert' beams and replies, " 'Jim' is okay mama". ;->

    I was telling Brian all about this the other night over our dinner out (more on that in an up-coming posting ;->). As I finished the tale, he smirked broadly at me and asked, "Jim-Brent?!?!?!!"
    I laughed, right out loud. "That's exactly what I thought too!"
    That then led to more conversation about Brent, and now Analyse,  and ... But that too will be a different posting. ;-)

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