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Sunday, March 13, 2011

Introducing ...

   our newest family member -
   Her name is Daisy.
   She is a three month old Chihuahua / Beagle / Lab mix.
   Kayla deemed her birthday to be January 1st.
   They got her through "Puppy Breath Rescue". Here is what their site said about her -
   "She has had 1st and 2 nd vaccintaions, Has been dewormed 3 times, Treated for Tape worms and has been vet checked! Her adoption fee is 50.00 with a spay agreement."
[They can hook you up with a place that 'fixes' dogs for $40.]

   Here is Brent's Boo, ever so eager to meet his new sister.

   [PLEASE ignore the adornments currently all over our yard. Thanks!]

                          They got along really well!!!

                                A picture of the 'family-to-be'. :-)

   If you too are interested in adopting a puppy, and aren't interested in the $120 price tag at the pound, then check out "Puppy Breath Rescue".
   HERE is their Face-book page.
   And  HERE is their regular official web site.
   They are located out between Allendale and Grand Haven, Michigan.

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  1. And I am so in love with daisy may! And I'm so glad her and boo get along :) I got a nickname for her "lazy daisy"


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