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Saturday, March 5, 2011

friends ... and math ;-p

    Thursday I got to have lunch with Joanna T. :-) It had been w-a-y too long since my young friend and I had gotten together! We've set up a 'plan' which will hopefully not let that happen again!!!
   While we were talking... Yes, both Joanna T. and I like to talk. To each other. To ourselves. To anybody whom will even pretend to listen. o;-p We are talkers. Plain and simple. And we're okay with that!!!
   Anyways, while we were talking, she told me some about the job direction her sister is headed, and some of the 'details' of said job. One such 'detail' was math related. Doing decimals. With OUT the aid of a calculator. While we are happy for her sister, both Joanna T. and I found the whole idea highly unfavorable!!! Neither of us is very fond of math. We both do it. Sometimes you just have to in life. But neither one of us have ever found math concepts to be our friends. In-fact, too often it's been quite the opposite.

   All of that later reminded me of something an even younger friend who is also named Joanna (B.) had posted awhile back on her face-book page. When I had questioned Joanna B. about permission to use that particular posting, she had answered "sure, it was just one of those face-book pop up things".
    "Pop-up thing" or not, when I had read her posting, I had laughed, literally right out loud (LOL!). And I chuckle every time that I think of it.

    Here is what Joanna B. had posted -
    "Dear Algebra,
     Stop making me find your "X"...

     She's not coming back."

    Eighteen (18) people had clicked that they "liked" her comment.
    I had left this comment back to her - "
I absolutely could not agree more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

    And I still feel the same way. I HATED algebra. With a passion.
    Brian has occasionally pointed out to me that I do algebra on a regular basis. Like when I'm making big batches out of my recipes.
    I finally made it clear to him, that if he keeps making such comments, I will no longer do baking for him. !!! o:-)   It seems to have taken care of the problem.  o;-p

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