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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Friendly Reminder -

   For all of us who live in states that participate in "Daylight Savings Time", TONIGHT is the night where we "loose an hour".
   Therefore, according to, and because of - before going to bed tonight, make sure you turn all of your clocks FORWARD an hour.
   Will anything happen if you don't?
   You'll be really early for church in the morning. And work on Monday. Etc.. For some of you, this might actually be a good thing. ;-p
   But that would also mean that your favorite TV shows will not be on when you think they are. And when you go to the restaurant thinkin your still in time for their breakfast menu, you won't be. Etc.
   So whether you change your clock or not, is at your own discretion. I'm just tryin to be a thoughtful friend and make sure your even aware of all of it. o:->

    Remember the old saying -
   "Spring Forward - Fall Back"
    In other words,
    in the season called 'Spring', you act like your bouncing on a spring and go forward one hour
    in the season called "Fall", you literally fall backwards one hour.

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