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Monday, March 21, 2011

Brandon and Analyse

     Yes, I have been off line for a couple of days. Literally. I did not even touch the computer from about 10:30 Fri. a.m. till 9:00 this morning. And yes, I am o-kay. ;-p

     S-e-e, in honor of it being Brandon's birthday this weekend, we had out of state visitors for the weekend. Maybe 'visitors' isn't the correct word. It was our 'kids' whom live out of state. And they aren't really visitors seeings how this is their second home. But they were here from early Fri. evening till this morning, and I chose to focus on them!!!

     It was crazy at times, but fun overall. All of the adult 'kids' hung together and went and did things late every evening, while grandpa and I babysat. It was fun to see our now grown children wanting to do things together! There were points in time during their growing up years, where I feared that when they were full grown, they'd never want to have another thing to do with one another. But they do. And I consider that a blessing!  It was also fun to hear about their antics later. They are all still crazy!

     Ms. Analyse continues to keep all of us on our toes.
     This weekend we learned that just shutting our bathroom door all of the way closed is not enough. The loose style knob on it is easily open-able in her determined hands. Before they are here for 'our Easter', we're gonna need to install a hook and eye latch up high inside the bathroom on that door!
     At one point Sun. evening, I was sitting on one small couch with Boo beside me with his head on my lap sleeping. Brian was on the other small couch, dividing his attention between handing Analyse (who was sitting in her high chair) pieces of a banana and watching Star Wars on the TV.  I questioned Brian about the name of one of the characters/critters in the movie. Ms. Analyse turns around and says "Sheheheh" with her cute little finger on the side of her nose. And then "Boo-oo-oo". The little imp was telling me to be quiet because Boo was sleeping!!!  ;-p!   She doesn't get that people are actually putting their finger over their mouth when they say "shhhh" and it just happens to also touch their nose. So she just touches her nose and says her version of "Shhhh", which sounds way more like a hiss with out any "s's". Very cute! Except when she's putting grandma in her place. Actually, it was cute then too. She's such an imp!!!!! :-D
      Byron and Cyndi have done a good job of teaching Analyse that "hot" is to be avoided. "HOT!HOT!HOT!" is heard when there is anything around that she thinks qualifies as hot. And yes, it MUST always be said in three's. Or at least, that's how she always says it!  While the silly girl will dip her hand into extremely cold water in order to retrieve an ice cube to chew on, or cover her face with snow and laugh in delight, etc., she wants absolutely nothing to do with anything any where's near hot. And blowing on it does not suffice. So sometimes you cook up her food, put it on a plate in the freezer for four or five minutes, and then she eats it with delight. Crazy!  I had made choc. chip cookies as Brandon's birthday dessert. I made then Sun. evening. Monday she still refused to take one we offered off of the pan. It was on a pan so therefore it must be hot. If you visit them and the TV remote, etc. are sitting on baking pans, you'll know why. o;-p

       Here are a couple of pictures I took of the birthday guy and his adorable niece. They were watching Elmo(TM) on his phone.  I was sitting across the room and just kept snapping shots.  I was thrilled with how a couple of them turned out!!!!!  Hope you enjoy them too!

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