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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Baby News :->

    Byron called yesterday afternoon, according to the ultra sound, they are certain that our second grandchild is going to be a boy. Yes, certain. To the point that they won't be posting these ultrasound pictures on face-book like they had the earlier ones. 
    They have chosen the name Toby James.
    Byron had picked out Analyse's first name. Her middle name is the same as Cyndi's. Now Cyndi has picked out Toby's first name and his middle name will be the same as Byron's.

    His birth date will be July 17th. That's a Sunday. We better get this grandpa's vacation request form in for that Monday!!


  1. came from my sister Brenda via email - "I think he should be born on July 18 - our anniversary & Rachel's birthday!

    Congrats by the way!!!"

  2. came from Amie M. via email - "Congrats Grandma!!! Toby may be my birthday buddy, my birthday is July 18!!!

    You are an AWESOME Grandma!! Your grandbabies are blessed!!

    Love ya!"


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