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Wednesday, February 16, 2011


     I have made it a habit to always scan through all of the emails which end up in my "Spam" folder, before I click the 'delete contents' button. Every once in awhile, I find that something ended up in there which should have landed in my regular email 'in box'. Sometimes it's something from someone I frequently get emails from. And while I'm sure Special agent Tim McGee from NCIS could do some checking and find out how this time it ended up in the wrong box, I am f-a-r from that computer savoy.
    But the other day I got quite the surprise as I was scanning down the contents of my "Spam" folder. The type of surprise that bring your eyes to a screeching halt and makes your head start shouting "W-H-A-T??!!?!??!!!!"
    The sender of one email was listed as being "KGB".   K  G  B  !!!!!! Oh my goodness!!! I thought them and all of their connected paranoia were things now in our past. But there it was. In big capitol letters. Yikes!
    Then the calming reassuring part of my brain spoke up, trying to reassure me that it couldn't possibly be the "KGB" I was thinking of. It just couldn't be. Right? "O-kay Cheryl, what does the subject line say the email is about? It's probably from some company who's initials break down to KGB. But why in the world they would let that happen AND promote themselves as such, is beyond me. So-o, what does it say in the subject line'?"
    "Save up to 90% on what you love to do in your city!" Oh my gosh!!! THAT didn't help at all!!!!!!!! They are the "KGB" and they know what we like to do and where we like to go in our city. YIKES!!!!!
    I deleted it.
    That night I told Brian about it and we had some good chuckles over it, remembering how the "KGB" and "the Nazi's" use to be quite the scare.
    But that wasn't the end of it. Every single day since then, there has been the same subject matter email in my "Spam" folder from the "KGB". I have to admit, it's kind of creepy.
    If I should come up missing, please pass this information on to the local authorities!  o;-p

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