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Thursday, February 17, 2011

It's Movie Time :-)

     I am facing a new dilemma here lately. The newest 'specialist' that I am seeing for my on going Vertigo, is a chiropractor. He qualifies as a 'vertigo specialists chiropractor' due to his physical therapy style of treatment. He uses a mixture of massage, pressure points, and "popping". It's not always pleasant (in-fact, a few times I have had all I could do not to INFORM him to "knock it off!!"), but amazingly, it is working. I no longer constantly feel some level of dizziness, let alone frequently feeling like at any moment it could again take off at super speeds. Yes, sometimes I still do get dizzy, but that is oh so much more endurable than the constantly feeling it!! And yes, certain types of motion still set my eyes off. But I am making progress the right direction! :-) ! :-> ! :-D !
    However, as is usual with life, along with the good comes some challenges. One is that if I am not in bed, I am wearing the foam neck brace. 8-/. Not a fan!
    The second is that I am feeling better, and thus I want to start tackling things! (For now, projects. Not quite up to tackling the people around here, yet anyways ... o;-p). But the chiropractor does not want me to. In-fact, he has very clearly instructed me to take great strides in resisting the temptation. He wants me to maintain a very low level of activity for a couple more weeks yet. Yes, seriously. I asked. Once or twice .... o;-p
    He says that the areas he is freeing up, need time to get use to their freedom, not resettle in where they didn't belong. I do want to get better. All of the way better. As in, he's finding great evidence as to what some of the roots of my frequent migraines probably are. To be free both of the constant vertigo and tons of the migraines, that would be dreams come true!!! Oh yeah! 
    So I am trying to take it extremely easy. But I'm feeling better, so I'm getting bored. Big time. "Just how much patience is it I am suppose to have Lord?". "More". That is always his answer. And I have this feeling it always will be.
     Due to the need to take it so easy, mixed with the boredom, recently I have rented a couple of movies. And being the wonderful friend that I am, I am going to be telling you about them, so that you too will rent and enjoy them. And no, you don't have to get Dr.'s permission to do so. All you need is the desire for a good romantic comedy movie time. [And for my girl-friends whom live 'near-by', yes, I am willing to watch them with you, even though it would mean watching them again.  o;-p]

    Today's movie 'review' is about the movie "A Good Year" which came out in 2006. I had never seen it before, just stumbled across it while looking for a movie off of U-Verse. Benson and his friend Crystal came in while I was watching it, and I learned that it is one of Crystal's mom's favorite movies.
   The web description of the movie reads, "A British investment broker inherits his uncle's chateau and vineyard in Provence, where he spent much of his childhood. He discovers a new laid-back lifestyle as he tries to renovate the estate to be sold."
     The British investment broker is played by Russell Crowe. And might I say that he is  enjoyable to watch. ;-) He plays all of the various aspects of his character named "Max" to a tee!  As does Freddie Highmore, whom plays the role of a young "Max" in the 'remembering' scenes.
    I immediately recognized the actress who played 'Gemma' as also playing 'Kalinda Sharma' in the TV series 'The Good Wife'. The actresses name is Archie Panjabi. In this movie, she played "Max's" secretary.
    There is one male character in the movie, whom at first I knew that I knew him from something... but what?!  Then the way he said something suddenly made it all clear. ;-p  In the movie 'A Good Year', the actor Tom Hollander plays the part of 'Charlie Willis'. But what I was remembering him from, was the movie 'Pride and Prejudice', where-in he plays the roll of "Mr. Collins". You know, the uppity, egotistical in a laugh at him way, clergy relative of Mr. Bennett. Yeah, HIM!! ;-p! Tom's web bio states that he was also in "The Pirates of The Caribbean" movies as well as "Gosford Park", which is a movie we own, so I'm going to have to re-watch it to see what he played in it. I didn't mind him in 'A Good Year'  ;-p.

     Any-ways, I definitely enjoyed 'A Good Year'. I found some parts extremely humorous!!! His memories from his youth, heart warming. His reevaluating his life, realistic. And the countryside of Provence, INVITING!

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  1. I am glad this form of treatment is working for you... I know when I get a migraine I always think if my upper back could just be popped or if someone would poke needles {acupuncture} it would feel sooo good... hahaha


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