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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

"Directory" of the postings about "The Grandchildren" from the year 2010.

      I'm feeling 'the blues' today, so I know I've got to do something(s) to try and pull myself up out of it. Insert here - Why are they called "the blues"? I like the color blue! Shouldn't these feelings be called 'the dull browns' or something?  Nothing against the color brown either, I like that color too. But ya must admit that there are some dull shades of it that just fit better with these melancholy feelings, than shades of the color blue do. Elton John's song "And that's why their called the blues" does not answer my question, it just expounds on what type of feelings the expression entails. So that's no help. Do any of you know why?
    So anyways, I've got 'um, and I know I need to do something(s) to pull myself up out of them. Thus I figured that today was the perfect day to create the:
    "Directory" of the postings about "The Grandchildren" from the year 2010.

Cuz ya know how much I smile when talking about my little sweetheart! :-)
   And besides, I had promised that I would do one, and I KNEW all of you were looking forward to me doing so o;-p.

January 7th - "the BoUnCiE seat" (pictures)

January 22nd - "Called Byron - funny story there!!!" (the story had happened back in Nov.)

March 2nd - "They kept the secret ;-D" surprise visitors from out of state and a silly game with grandma ;-p 

March 9th - "The Surprises Continued :->" while the out-of-state "kids" were here for a surprise visit {pictures - Analyse + Xander}

March 23rd - "Cute Grandma Tales ;-}" "
she started doing this ever so adorable, heart touching thing" while sitting in my lap.

March 24th - "the second (grandma) tale" tucking her hair behind her ear

April 21st - "Timing can be humorous!" a comment and picture from Brian's face-book page

May 21st - "Silly girl ;-p", singing and dancing via our phone connection (picture)

June 10th - "I'm back home again - ", at Cyndi's INSISTENCE, I stayed for a few days after the B-day party.

June 13th - "Chocolate B-day Cake :-)" (includes cake recipe) {pictures}

June 19th - "The "green" quilt" (aka: "My secret project") the quilt I made for Analyse (pictures)

June 21st - "The Princess has a throne  :-)" (her seat in front of the window) {pictures}

June 29th - "Show-N-Tell :-)" (pictures from her B-day)

July 20th - "On the sink" two girls hairbrushes ;-)

July 22nd - "our weekend", the out of state "kids" were here for a short visit (picture)

July 29th - "A toddler now"

Auguest 7th - "
from Brian's Facebook page -" (picture)

October 25th - "I was trying to be helpful..." by turning off the baby monitor and closing Byron's bedroom door ....

November 14th - "I'm Thankful For:"  "
Oh Lord, thank-you for my grand daughter!!! Thank-you for allotting me the honor and privilege of becoming a grandma :->!!!"

November 16th - "Our first 'real' phone conversation"

December 9th - "o/~ "I'm so happy and here's the reason why" o/~" - announcing that a second grand child is on the way :-)

December 11th - "Remembering a FUN garage sale"

December 30th - "Flowing of Christmas with our kids (2010)" (part 1) {picture}

December 31st - "Christmas with our kids (2010)"  (part 2) {pictures}

   Doing this posting did help my "dull browns" (;-p). Counting your blessings / reminiscing about your blessings IS therapeutic!

   Now on to step #2. For me, cooking can also be therapeutic. So I decided to attempt making a winter stew using up the left over Pork Loin in the fridge. I had potatoes and onions on hand, and our neighbor Chris just brought over some carrots I called and asked to borrow. Hopefully it will turn out delicious. If it does, then yup, I'll be posting about it. By the way, how did you guess that I would? o;-p

   But before I go to the kitchen, here are a couple of pictures of my sweetheart :-)
            (taken in March 2010)

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  1. had come (on Feb. 9th) via email from "our" Kate - My vote is for the "olive greens". Or maybe the greys. But you're right...blue is too pretty.

    Hope remembering all the fun you had with Analyse cheered you up. How about Friday for a get-together? I work at 1 out at Grand Valley but I should be done by 3 at the latest. Let me know! :)


    I had replied, ""dull gray" totally works! Even better than "dull brown" does!!!
    It's a date for Fri.!!! :-) (there is a brownie tucked away in the small drawer by the stove for you)

    I'm headed out to my 4th chiropractor appointment... it's HELPING!!! :-)"


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