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Thursday, February 17, 2011

:-) !!!!!

    This evening after Brian gets home from work, we are headed to go visit our 'out of state' kids. :-D !!!
    THIS evening!!! :-}
    We, as in only Brian and I. :->
    Our "out of state kids" - Byron, Cyndi and our adorable young grand daughter. :-]
          Here is a recent picture Cyndi sent me of Analyse. She's getting so-o big!! (She's  twenty (20) months old now.)
    We are taking them the box springs and mattress set we nabbed for them when some friends were getting rid of it, as well as the chair we had gotten for Analyse for Christmas (it wouldn't fit in their car.)

    Instead of crashing on their couches, Brain and I are spending our nights in a hotel. Happy Valentines to us! ;-)

    Brian is taking Monday off as a vacation day, so we are headed out Fri. evening, and heading home Monday evening. :-D
    Don't worry, during our absence our home will still be well occupied and guarded. The "boys" and Boo will still be ta home.

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