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Saturday, February 19, 2011

Another "I found them" 8-/

Or should I have written, "Another I'm still wondering about myself..." ?

Do you remember me mentioning in one of the posts about 'Christmas 2010 with our kids', how I had used plastic bags for some of the stockings, due to not being able to find certain material? And then in the posting about how we had spotted Elvis, I had mentioned looking for fabric with strawberries on it?

W-e-l-l, I found the 'missing' material that I knew I had put someplace logical. Someplace where I would easily be able to get to it once I got around to making the stockings. Where was it? Inside the box my sewing machine goes in. Yup, someplace logical.

I went to get my machine out so that I could do the repair work on a couple of things Cyndi had asked me to. We were headed their way, I should fix them and take them to her. As I opened the box, there sat the two missing pieces of material. I rolled my eyes. Then I sighed. And then I rejoiced. Now I COULD make Cyndi's stocking out of the original pattern Strawberry Shortcake material like I had planned on doing. :-) (Cyndi collects the early Strawberry Shortcake). And I could make one of the grandchildren one out of the material that I had picked out when Byron and I were shopping for tie material for his wedding. ;->

So next week, I think I'll sew up some neat Christmas stockings. Get them done before the season is again looming down on us. And yes, then I will go into the attic and pack them away with the other stockings.

I'll probably do a posting showing you the new finished stockings. And then come Christmas time, I'll show you how all of them look hanging in the front entry along the staircase railing. Why? Because I'm a girl and we like doing that kind of stuff! o;-p

But in the meantime, yup, I'm still wondering about myself .....

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