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Thursday, February 10, 2011

About another blogger / blog site

    Jennifer B. is somebody that we know in 'real life'. She is also one of our blog followers (:->).  She posted something on her Face-book page the other day, which really caught my interest. Here is what she had written, "some of my favorite bloggers are having a meetup in grand rapids. SHUT THE FRONT DOOR. hyperventilating, just a little bit."
    I commented, "Like who?"
    This was her answer, "tieka from selectivepotential mainly. she's wonderful and gorgeous and runs an amazing blogspot. it's being organized so that those attending will be going to the Body of Art event and then out for dinner/drinks."
   A fellow area blogger was having a blogging 'meet up'?!!? My curiosity had been scratched and I had to learn more. Both about the meet-up, as well as about the blog owner.
   So I did an internet search (the search engine that starts with a "G", whom I've gathered we aren't suppose to list by name due to some copyright stuff...?) for "Selectivepotential". Turns out that that is suppose to be two separate words. "Selective Potential". ( <-- click on the blogs name to visit the site).
    Jen was right, Tieka (pronounced Tee-kuh) is cute! In her profile, she lists that she "loves personal style, marriage and adventures".  I really liked the outfit she was wearing in the pictures posted on Feb. 7th titled, "A Snowy Road". She has a cute kind of retro style that she pulls off well! No, I don't plan on trying to copy it. I doubt it would be labeled "cute" on a fifty some year old. ;-p
    The bloggers 'meet-up' is scheduled for February 25th. Go HERE to see her posting about it, as well as a list of some of the bloggers whom have confirmed they will be in attendance.
    I myself shall be using the list to check out who other bloggers in this area are.
Just might find a new friend :-). One whom I might actually be able to introduce to my sons to prove that my 'blog friends' are too "real people" not just imaginary friends. o;-p 
   After having checked out Tieka's blog, I left this comment back to Jen on her face-book posting, "I went and checked out Tieka's blog. Your right, she is cute and wears some cute outfits! Her blog is majorly different from mine, huh? Hoping you enjoy your time at her shin-dig - "
    And I hope that some of you who read this, enjoy Tieka's blog as well. Only, p-l-e-a-s-e don't like hers so much that you no longer read mine.  o;-b! chuckle, chuckle ....

[I'm listing this under "friends that I have via blogging". Tieka, I hope that's okay.]

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  1. Haha, aw, thank you so much for your kind words! I also appreciate the shoutout for the Michigan Blogger Meetup! :)


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