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Thursday, February 3, 2011

2009 "Directory" about "the grandchildren" :->

   I first started creating what I dubbed my "directories", with hopes that they would help me find when and where it was I had posted something. Yes, on this blog we have the ability to 'label' posts, and we gladly use it. But we hadn't had that option on our previous blog site, and there were a whole lot of postings on there we still frequently refer to. Postings which I hoped would be easier to find again by listing them all in subject related "directories".
    My hopes were fulfilled! I have found this methodology of keeping track of certain types of postings to be ever so helpful! So I kept creating them. And then after having been on this site for a year, I decided to continue making them on a yearly (or as appropriate) basis for different 'label' categories. It is so-o much easier to scan through a year long listing of that type of postings looking for one in particular, than it is to scroll through all of the individual postings.
    Thus, I have decided to make a "directory" for yet another of our 'labels' categories. And I doubt it will surprise any of you to learn that the newest "directory" is for the 'label' titled "The Grandchildren". o;->  You did know we are grand parents, r-i-g-h-t? o;-b   To one absolutely adorable impy girl, as well as one grandchild still growing inside their mother's womb. We are so blessed! :-D

    This then is a "Directory" of the postings about "The Grandchildren" from the year 2009.

(yes, from our first blog). And yes, that also means I shall soon be doing one for the postings from 2010. Something for you to look forward to, huh? o;-p

January 9th - "Baby News" -
according to the ultra sound it's a girl; and they chose the name Analise Christine.

April 27th - about the Ill. baby shower

April 29th - my gifts for the Ill. baby shower

June 9th - "Introducing... :-} "  complete with some new born pictures.

June 18th - "The Big Yellow Envelope" (to us from  ? )

July 7th - "Visitors :-D"  Analyse's first visit to MI

(part of) July 9th - "still smiling"

July 28th - "B1, C2 and A moved v/"  (more pictures)

(parts of) August 26th - they were here for a visit again

(parts of) September 10th - Labor Day weekend

Oct. 7th - "How Could I Resist? o:->"  Thanksgiving bib (pictures)

November 1st - "This Grandma's Tale / Tip"  Analyse and the computer

November 3rd - "Grandma's and the 'raspberries' :-p"

November 5th - "Our favorite Trick-or-Treater" (picture)

November 20th - a children's consignment shop

December 22nd - "a grandma / grand-baby story :-}" while rocking her to sleep

December 23rd - "Analyse and Boo ;-}" kisses

   I sure had fun reminiscing while scanning for and then sort of re-reading all of these!! I'm sitting here with a very warm heart and a smile on my face. Analyse, I LOVE being your grandma!!! ;-)
                               ( a picture from our files of her )

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