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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Yet again, HE supplied :-}

    You might remember me mentioning recently, that Brian and I had stopped at the big Jo-Ann Fabric's at the mall. While there I had commented to Brian that I needed to start doing some type of crafting soon. When he had puzzedly asked why, I had answered that doing so always helps me get motivated in other areas too, and maybe it would help me not be so blue about still have vertigo, this now a year later. He thought it made complete sense.
    I then started thinking over just what kind of crafting I wanted to do. I decided it needed to be something involving the use of my sewing machine. Here my dear husband had bought the wonderful machine for me knowing I enjoy doing projects that are oh so much easier using one, and of course thinking I would start using it all of the time. Neither of us had a clue that becoming "Ms. Vertigo" was right around the corner!
   But I did use it to create the quilt for our grand daughter. :->.
   And there is another grand child on the way, so I could make another quilt. Nope, don't know if this one will be a boy or a girl. At least not yet. But I could just make two (2) quilts. o;-p
   I also wanted to use the sewing machine because if I start getting real dizzy, it's easy to turn the machine off for awhile and leave the project sitting, without compromising the project at all.
   Hum mmmm.... what did I want to create?
   A couple of different ideas came to mind. But it would require more material... so it was going to need to wait a couple of weeks.
   Then Benson said that his friend Crystal had a box of material they were going to donate someplace and asked if I would be interested in going through it myself first. Sure!!
    That was over a week or two ago.
    Then she was here this past Wed. and asked if they could bring it in. Mind you, I was thinking one box full. Here are pictures of what all they carried in. Eight (8) box's and a huge laundry type bag full!
    Yeah, oh my goodness!

    The women of the people whom Crystal lives with does lots of sewing, including making stage costumes, etc.. Somebody had donated these goods to her. All of the above was what was left over after she took out what she wanted.
    The box's had been in her car long enough that the material inside of them was COLD!!!  So I waited until Thursday to start actually looking through them, totally unsure just what I would find. My original idea was that I might find a couple of things I liked, and then I might pass the balance on to my friend Elizabeth B. who not only has the business where they make banners for people/groups/organizations, etc., but she also does a lot of crafting on her own and had even put out a request for scrap material not to long ago, to use in rug making. (Yes, that was a long sentence) Then again, maybe I'd have her teach me rug making. Though that wouldn't involve using my sewing machine.
     Here are close-er up pictures of some of the material I pulled out on first go-through.

     But there was also a lot of soft material such as you would make infant sheets from. BIG pieces of it. And some upholstery type fabrics. And corduroys. And a bunch of what I think of as late 60's type knit material. And some baggies with beaded trim in them. And just all types of materials.

     While I am not positive just how much of it I personally am going to keep, I do know that it's at least more than two (2) box's full. So far .. o;-p
     And yes, some of the material will work wonderfully for one of the non-grand-children-related projects that I had in mind. I can't say yet what the idea is, seeings on how they will hopefully turn out good enough to be given as gifts. o;-)

     So yet again, I had a desire and the Lord provided. HE knew ahead of time what my heart was going to want to do, and had all the wheels already in motion to provide my desire for me. HE is so amazing!!!

     THANK-YOU Lord for your continued provision!
     THANK-YOU Crystal for donating to "my" cause. ;-p
     Thank-You Benson and Crystal for carrying the box's in through the white flaky precipitation stuff for me.

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