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Monday, January 17, 2011

We spotted Elvis -

    Last Wed. after our appointment with the newest specialist, we stopped in at the big Jo-Ann fabrics out at the mall. While we were going to look for a specific type of fabric, there were silk flowers just inside the door, and we do have a wedding on this year's agenda ....
    A couple of minutes later some people come through the door and the guys voice catches my ear so I glance up, then my head snaps up, to see him grinning wickedly at me. It was Elvis!
    His voice - Elvis!
    His hair cut and face - Elvis in his prime!
    His smile - Elvis's devilish grin!
    His outfit, plain ole jeans and any ole shirt. Maybe they were there to get more 'rhinestones' for his white suit? ;-p

    Brian said that the reason we could rest assured that it was an Elvis impersonator not the real Elvis, was due to our spotting being at a Jo-Ann Fabric's, not at a Burger King. ;-b!!

    I think this qualifies under "Whit and Wisdom from Brian" - don't you?

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