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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Phone conversations ... ;-p

   Byron (our eldest son) called yesterday, to excitedly tell me how he had 'sort of' been on the radio. Yes, 'sort of'. ;-p. He is able to get one of the shows from one of our local radio stations, via pod cast. The shows co-hosts frequently run this feature where they read stories submitted by their followers, telling how the person had accidentally embarrassed themselves while doing something quite normal. Examples are things such as, suddenly singling real loud and perhaps even dancing along with the music you are listening to via ear phones - in a setting where it's rather quiet and of course nobody else can hear the music. Or laughing out loud over something that you just remembered - and yet the situation your currently in is all wrong for laughing out loud. Etc..
    Byron had emailed them one of his own experiences. They had read his email on the air yesterday and then spent a good amount of time mocking Byron over it. For this, Byron was thrilled! No, that's not weird. Honest. It was all good natured ribbing, which he knew would be the end result if they did chose his submitted story. And he states that he would have ribbed anybody else if they had told him it had happened to them. ;-p

   While Byron was telling me his news, Analyse (our adorable impy grand daughter) was making all kinds of a ruckus in the back ground. Byron explained that Cyndi (his wife/Analyse's mom) was sitting at the table working on some important paper work, but Analyse was all upset because Cyndi wouldn't share her papers or pen with her.
    He put his phone on speaker phone so that I could talk to Analyse. The second she heard my voice she went silent, but Byron informed me she was grinning ear to ear.
   Byron asked her, "is that your grandma?" And he laughingly told me she was shaking her head yes.
   "Talk to grandma".
    I said, "Hi Analyse, grandma loves you!"
    She answered, "Ge...ma! _*~! _ `.._*! ..."
    I chuckled and said "really?"
    She replied, "!!_*~`_!!!!"
    Suddenly both Byron and Cyndi are cracking up in the back ground. Over Analyse's continued jabber, Byron informed me that while she had been talking to me, she had first pointed at Cyndi, then at the pen and paper, then waved her hand towards the whole situation before turning back to the phone with a quizzical expression on her face as if to ask both, "Do you understand" and "Can you make her share?"
    Suddenly Byron started laughing even harder. He explained that after he had finsihed 'translating' what had been going on, Analyse had started shaking her head yes, as though what he had said was an exact translation of what she had been telling me.
    Oh my goodness. What an imp! ;-p You've heard tales of children whom when they aren't getting their way with a parent, informing said parent that they are going to call and ask grandma... In essence, that is what Analyse was doing. LOL!!! And yet I have made it a point to not contradict what her parents tell her. Funny!!!
    I guess my laughter insulted her, because she got even more vocal over the whole situation and Byron ended up ending the call.
    That girl continues to keep us all on our toes! But man do we love her!!!!

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  1. came from Cheryl's dad via email - "Which “block” is she a chip off of???"


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